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Why Our Customers Love Us . . . and You Will Too!

At A+ Insulation we pride ourselves on being a customer service company who specializes in insulation services. While our technicians are masters of their craft, they are also customer service experts. That’s because we aren’t a business without our customers – and we value each and every single person who trusts us to get the job done for them. If you haven’t called us yet to insulate your home, here a few reasons why you should.

A+ Insulation Is Award Winning

One thing that solidifies our outstanding customer service is our Angie’s List Super Service Award. We’ve managed to take home the honor five years in a row now. The Super Service Award honors excellence among service and health providers who maintain superior service ratings and reviews on Angie’s List. This means we are among the top 5% of service businesses on Angie’s List in the Kansas City area.

We Offer Honest Customer Feedback for New Customers

On top of our awards, you can read more about our great craftsmanship and service straight from current customers of A+ Insulation right on our homepage. We offer several unaltered customer testimonials on our webpage, as well as on other review sites, like Google+ and Facebook. Hear what people are saying about us, and see if it helps you decide if we earned that A+ in our name.

“Mike goes over every possible way to save money and is happy to give his expert advice with a non-biased attitude. When asking his opinion, he would tell me straight, but would never push his opinion on me. Mike was helpful, easy to work with, and significantly less expensive than any other company we got quotes from. He charges by the square foot, not by the job, and he includes patching and spackle in his pricing. He comes highly recommended.

-Ian F., Kansas City

“From the beginning I knew Mike and his team at A+ Insulation would do a great job. When Mike came to give us the estimate, both he and I climbed up in the attic to look around. He didn’t just peek his head up in the attic. He was willing to show me (a woman) what he was going to be doing. While we were up there, he found exposed wires and lighting that were a fire hazard and needed to be taken care of before insulation could be installed. He even offered to do these things for us. His staff was friendly, and cleaned up the area when they were finished. I could have paid less somewhere else, but you get what you pay for. Peace of mind is priceless.

– Dawn V., Kansas City

Call A+ Insulation at either (816) 268-7511 or (913) 281-2250 for superior customer service and excellent insulation repair and installation.

Save Now with A+ Insulation: How to Calculate Your Home’s Energy Savings

insulation calculatorDoes your home experience hot and cool spots throughout the year? Does your home seem drafty? Have you noticed unusually high energy bills in recent months? These things could be signaling that your home is in need of more insulation. If you’re not sold just yet though, there are ways to calculate how much you could save with proper insulation installed by professionals on the A+ Insulation website.

Insulation Calculator

We don’t want our customers to feel like they’re being lied to or gypped. So in an effort to be more transparent, we’ve added an insulation calculator on our website that is almost stupidly easy to use. All you have to do is plug in the proper information for you home, like the geographical area where you live and the square footage of your home. It walks you through the process and then gives you recommendations on the amount of insulation needed to keep your home more energy efficient.

Interactive Energy House

Another energy saving resource we have on our website that makes it easier for you to make energy-smart choices is the Interactive Energy House from Energy Star. This neat little house lets you click through different parts of the home that correspond with most American homes, and then gives you energy saving tips for different areas of each room. It covers everything from insulation needs in the attic and walls, to your heating and cooling system in your basement. This is a great way to find out how to start making your home more energy efficient today and in the future.

Visit the A+ Insulation website today to take advantage of these awesome resources that can help you make a more informed decision. Then, call the insulation pros when you’re ready to talk about your home’s specific needs. You can reach us at either (913)281-2250 or (816)410-4100.

4 Ways to Know Your Home Is Under Insulated

icicles under insulationInsulation plays a huge role in how comfortable your home is during all four seasons of the year. Not having enough of it can leave your family too hot or too cold, and it can drastically affect the cost of your energy bills. And 90% of homes in the United States fall under one or all of those categories.  Here are a few ways to tell if your Kansas City area home is under insulated.

High Energy Bills

High energy bills can be attributed to many things. But if you’ve already had your heating and cooling system checked for efficiency and your windows are in good shape, insulation is probably your issue. In this case your heating and cooling system has to work harder during all seasons because a home that isn’t properly insulated allows heat in the summer and cold air in the winter into your home.

Your Pipes Freeze in the Winter

Do you have to deal with frozen pipes in the winter? This could be a telltale sign that you need more insulation in your home. If you wait too long to get the issue fixed you could have a real mess on your hands that will cost you a lot more money than having insulation installed. If your frozen pipes burst you could be looking at a gutted home.

Your Home Experiences Ice Damming

Another problem poor home insulation can cause in the winter is ice damming. This happens when your warm roof melts the snow on top of it. The melted snow then runs down your roof until it hits the unheated part past the exterior walls near your gutter, where it re-freezes creating an ice dam. This can damage not only your roof, but your gutters as well. And it can pose a danger to people or objects below your roof. Proper roof insulation is very important to safeguard your home from this winter issue.

Upstairs Rooms Are Significantly Warmer in the Summer

Another sign you need more insulation is if your home experiences more heat and humidity on the upper floors in the summer. Temperature variances of 10-15 degrees or more between your lower and upper floors is a sign you should call an insulation company to talk about their insulation services. Inconsistent temperatures can affect how hard your heating and cooling system has to work, which can also cost you more money on your energy bills.


Call A+ Insulation today for a free insulation estimate at 913-281-2250.