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FAQ: Is Adding Insulation Going to Make a Mess of My Kansas City Home?

A Picture of A+ TruckWe get this question all too often from customers at A+ Insulation. There is a misconception that this is a messy, nasty, gross process that is unpleasant for homeowners. But truth be told, it’s actually not a big deal when you hire A+ Insulation to add insulation to your Kansas City home. Our company and employees have a lot of combined experience in the industry, and together we have gotten this process down to an efficient science. Here’s what to expect from us when adding attic insulation, or any other type to your home:

Covering Our Tracks

We understand that homeowners want an efficient job, and as little disturbance to their everyday lives as possible. In order to keep out of your way and eliminate any mess in your home, we carefully line our path through your home with plastic, from door to work site. This keeps us on track, and ensures that no potential dirt or dust escapes the work zone.

Careful Insulation Technicians

Our insulation technicians are also well trained. They are courteous, and careful not to leave dirty tools, boots, or old insulation lying around your home. We also make sure we come prepared with everything we need in our truck when we arrive to do the job. This way we do the job efficiently, and are in and out of your home quickly.

Tidy Finish

Lastly, if we do happen to find bits of insulation in our workspace, we always vacuum the work site before we leave. We also clean up our plastic path through your house, and any other by-products of our work. Our goal is always to leave our workspace cleaner and tidier than when we started the job.
For the best insulation installation and customer service, call the insulation experts at A+ Insulation at (913) 281-2250 or (816) 268-751