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Find Those Energy Leaks for Less with Our Angie’s List Big Deal Promotion

Thermal Scan PhotoAlmost every home has places where energy leaks out. Maybe your AC is sneaking out around your windows and doors. Perhaps your walls are under-insulated. What about the attic? Are you losing hundreds of dollars a year to a leaky attic? The hardest part of making sure your home is energy efficient is identifying those places that let air leak out so you can plug them up and stop the energy loss and lower high heating and cooling bills.


$49 Thermal Scan Attic Evaluation in July

There’s an easy way to find out where your home is leaking energy. It’s called an energy analysis. At A+ Insulation, we use these thermal scans to help homeowners find and fix the energy leaks in their homes. Now through July 31st, A+ Insulation is offering an attic evaluation thermal scan for just $49 through our Angie’s List Big Deal promotion. We’ll come to your home and use thermal imaging to “see” where energy is escaping. Then, we can make an accurate recommendation for your home to save you the most money on heating and cooling costs.

What Is a Thermal Scan Energy Analysis?

Thermal or infrared energy, is light which is not visible to the human eye because its wavelength is too long to be detected. It’s the part of the electromagnetic spectrum we perceive as “heat”. We use specially designed infrared video or still cameras to make images (called thermograms) that show differences in surface heat. Infrared thermographic cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation letting us “see” where the temperature differences are in your home. Images on the video or film record the temperature varying from white for warm regions to black for cooler areas. The resulting images help us determine accurately where insulation or more insulation is needed.

See Where Your Home Is Leaking Energy

A thermal scan or a home energy evaluation detects the intrusion of either warm or cold entering your home in areas that the insulation is either missing or damaged by moisture. We get the most accurate thermographic images when there is a large temperature difference (at least 20°F) between inside and outside air temperatures. July is a great time to get a good reading on your home to be able to beef up your insulation and seal any leaks.


Call us today to take advantage of the $49 thermal scan attic evaluation through our Angie’s List Big Deal offer. It ends July 31st, so call today! Call us at (913) 281-2250 or (816) 268-7511.