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How A+ Puts the Pro in Process

Insulation Installation InfographicUnless you move a lot and end up living in multiple homes,you will probably only have insulation installed once in your li
fetime. That makes it difficult to know exactly what to expect during an insulation installation. At A+ Insulation, we make sure our customers know exactly what to expect.

With our 14-Step Installation Process, you’ll know how long the installation will take, how we protect your home, how much it will cost, etc. We tell you up front so there are no surprises, no inconveniences, and no unknowns. You can relax with A+ because you are informed.

A Breakdown of Our 14-Point Installation Process:

  1. Initial Contact – First, call or email us and we’ll set an appointment for an inspection of your home.
  1. Free, In-Home, No-Obligation, Inspection – We tell you where and how much insulation you’ll need.
  1. Free Estimate – We provide a free, upfront estimate before any work begins so you never get a surprise bill with add-ons or extras you weren’t expecting.
  1. Free Home Energy Evaluation – The home energy evaluation helps us see where your home is leaking energy so we know exactly which problem areas to fix.Related Read: Cut a Quarter of Your Energy Bills with a Free Home Energy Evaluation
  1. Pre-Installation Walk-Through to go over Scope of Work – Before we begin working, we take you on a walk through to explain where we will be adding insulation.
  1. Set Date for Installation – We set a date that works with your schedule.
  1. Provide Job Length Estimation – We look at the project and give you a time estimate of how long we will be there from start to cleanup.
  1. Protect Walls and Floors with Plastic – We take special care to protect your home from our equipment. We want it to look perfect when we leave.
  1. Install Insulation in All Areas Required – We not only install the insulation, but we go the extra mile to seal all leaks where air can escape.Related Read: Insulation Installation – The Devil Is in the Details
  1. Post-Installation Walk-Through for Customer Satisfaction – When finished, we show you our work so you can see we did exactly what we said we would do.
  1. Show You Before & After Pics Hard to See Areas – To make sure there is no doubt as to the work we finished, we provide photographic evidence of attics and crawl spaces which would otherwise be hard to see.
  1. Thorough Cleanup – We always leave your home as clean as we found it.
  1. Get Final Payment – Once we are sure you are completely satisfied with our work, we accept final payment.
  1. Leave You Comfortable – We leave you comfortable with the job, the quality, your home, and the price.

Quality in Every Insulation Installation

The most important thing we want you to know is that your home will be insulated to or above all local building codes for your area. Since 90% of homes in the U.S. are under-insulated, yours probably is too, and it will make a noticeable difference in your heating and cooling bills.

If you’d like to save money on your energy bills, give A+ Insulation a call at (913) 281-2250 or (816) 268-7511 or contact us online.

Compare before you hire. Use this handy list to know which questions to ask when comparing insulation companies. Download by clicking on the image below:      

Homeowner Checklist CTA Hor



4 Ways DIY Attic Insulating Can Go Wrong

Attic Insulation PictureHeat rises, so it makes sense that in the winter, homes lose the most heat through the attic. Because of this, adding insulation makes a lot of sense.

However, attics can be a bit tricky. Simply adding insulation to your attic won’t keep all the heat inside your home. If you’re going to do it yourself, make sure you read these tips to avoid making these common mistakes.

1.   Not Sealing Leaks

Insulation can only do so much if there are leaks around it that aren’t sealed to keep air from escaping. Attics are notorious for having vent pipes, electrical cables, recessed lighting, and more that create small spaces where air can get by. Sealing around these leak points will go a long way in reducing energy loss.

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2.   Not Sealing the Attic Hatch

The attic entry door, or hatch, is another place that’s often forgotten by homeowners, and surprisingly even professional insulation companies. Making sure the attic hatch has a tight seal will keep air from seeping through it and escaping into the attic. Conversely, in the summer, it will keep hot air from seeping down into your living space.

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3.   Not Insulating the Attic Hatch

Again, the attic hatch, because it is a moving part that must be opened and closed to enter the attic, is sometimes neglected when it comes to insulation. If your attic hatch is left uncovered, it creates a large space where air can get through an otherwise thorough bed of insulation.

4.   Not Allowing for Proper Ventilation

The other tricky thing about attics is that they must have proper ventilation. Without it, homeowners can experience mold and mildew problems as well as ice dams that can form on the eaves in the winter. A ridge vent (vent along the peak of your roof) combined with soffit vents along your eaves keeps your entire roof from getting warm.

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Insulation Makes Up for 70% of Your Home’s Heat Gain & Loss

While houses may have a variety of ways they are heated and cooled, insulation always provides tremendous energy savings. Luckily, insulation installation is one of the least expensive ways to achieve these energy savings. A professional insulation company like A+ Insulation will take care of all of these problems and make sure you save the maximum amount of money on your energy bills. If you need your attic insulation done right, call A+ Insulation at (913) 281-2250 or (816) 268-7511.

When comparing insulation companies, make sure you know what questions to ask to make the most informed choice. Use this handy checklist as your guide. Just click on the image below:     

Homeowner Checklist CTA Hor





Why We Batten Down the (Attic) Hatches!

Insulation for Attic Hatch PicWith the high cost of home heating and cooling, today’s homeowners are more concerned than ever with sealing off energy-wasting gaps and making sure their homes are well insulated. One of the most important areas of a home to insulate is the attic. That’s because, as everybody knows, heat rises, and if the attic is poorly insulated or worse, has no insulation, you can say goodbye to lower heating costs!

Gaps in Insulation Cause Heat Loss

Before you contact an insulation professional, though, it’s essential to do your homework to make sure you understand the difference between a good attic insulation job and a substandard one. Basically, the job of insulation is to keep heat from moving from one area to the next. In the winter, it keeps the heat in your home. In the summer, it keeps heat out. But even the very best insulation can’t prevent heat loss if there are gaps where air can escape and get in or out.

Attic Hatches Are often Forgotten

At A+ Insulation, there’s a reason we batten down the hatches when it comes to installing attic insulation! We not only address every possible escape route, every gap around recessed lights, duct work, or anywhere your attic could possibly leak air, we also make sure to include an area that other insulation companies, all too often, forget about — the attic hatch.

Leaving the hatch unsealed and unprotected leaves a huge gap in the insulation, greatly reducing its benefits! We seal the hatch and make sure there is insulation on top of it when we exit. We do every job right, down to the last detail.

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We Show You How Thorough Our Job Is

When we finish the job, we provide a walk-through inspection so you can see exactly what we did. Plus, we show you before and after photos of the work we’ve completed in attics and crawl spaces since they are so hard to get to. We do a thorough job and we want to make sure you know it so you can have peace of mind and confidence in recommending us to your family, friends and neighbors!

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Contact us online or call us at (913) 281-2250 if you’re considering adding insulation to your home. Your complete satisfaction is our mission!


Make sure you know who you’re hiring before you choose. Download this checklist for homeowners to know the critical questions to ask when hiring an insulation company. Just click on the image below:

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Don’t Take Our Word for It…100+ Real Life Customer Stories

Customer Testimonials PicAt A+ Insulation, we have been building our reputation since we opened our doors in 2004. Every job is done right, we don’t cut corners, we don’t use inferior products, and we stand behind our quality work.

But show me a company who says they don’t do every job right, do cut corners, and don’t stand behind their work.

The point is, everyone says good things about themselves. What you need to know is what our customers say about our work. That’s where the rubber meets the road and the truth comes out.

Testimonials Tell the Real Story

That’s why we don’t want you to take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about the way we do our job. Hear from real homeowners and business owners and get their opinion. They have no vested interest in promoting A+ Insulation. All they know is the job we did for them.

Real experiences are the best source for homeowners who are considering hiring an insulation company. No one hires a company expecting to be disappointed. Expectations are only expectations until the job is through.

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Blown Away by Our Blown-In Insulation

Here is just one example of the many testimonials happy customers have left us:

Review by a homeowner in Overland Park, KS

Project: Install or Upgrade Batt, Rolled or Reflective Insulation

Mike O’Hara and his team were very professional! Offered a great presentation on the services they offered and explained every step in detail. It was great to watch the whole procedure, crews were wonderful and the clean up was great! I would highly recommend them!

Need more convincing? Check out our over 125 reviews on Home Advisor.

We want to be your insulation company in Kansas City and surrounding areas. If you have any questions about our work, our materials, our technicians, or our prices, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Call us at (913) 281-2250 or (816) 268-7511.    

Homeowner Checklist CTA Hor