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First Time Homeowners? Here’s What You Need to Know About Insulation

Man laying insulation material in atticFor first time homeowners, there’s a steep learning curve about the what goes into purchasing and making a great house a home. Insulating your home is not something that immediately springs to mind but the benefits it provides should put it high up on your priority list.

Insulating will help control and maintain the temperature of your home, making the living environment more comfortable, especially during weather conditions which are too hot or cold. Insulating materials can also act as sound and moisture barriers, keeping unwanted sounds out and preventing the development of moisture.

Insulation helps save up to 15% on heating and cooling costs. That’s an average of 11% on total energy costs. According to the US Energy Information Administration, more than half of the energy used in the average American home comes from heating and cooling activities.

How much insulation should I have installed for my home?

The amount of insulation your home needs is dependent on several factors. One is the location of your home. Obviously, you will probably need more insulation if you are from the Northeast than if you are living in Southern California.

The International Energy Conservation Code requires minimum R-value of insulation in different states. R-value is the measurement of the insulating material’s heat resistance. The higher the R-value, the greater the heat resistance of the material.

For example, the R-value recommended for ceilings and attics in Missouri is R-49, which is the minimum requirement for homes located in the colder regions. Homes located in warmer climates require an R-38 or higher.

If your house is newly built, it may have optimal levels of insulation already, depending if energy conservation was taken into account during its construction. If the house you bought is older, you would probably need more insulation.

To know if your home has enough insulation, it is best to call an insulation company and request an energy audit.

What parts of the house should I insulate?

To ensure that your home is fully insulated, you need to install insulators in parts known as thermal envelopes, or places in your home where heat escapes. These places are the attic, walls, ceiling, exterior doors and windows, floors, ducts, crawlspaces and the basement.

Depending on what part of your house is being insulated, there are different types of insulation materials that you can use.

Types of Insulation

Applying spray foam insulation

Batted insulation are perfect for walls, floors and ceilings because it is made from fiberglass and has a broad range of R-values.

For unfinished attic floors, sprayed foam and blown-in blanket system, or bibs insulators, are ideal because they can seal even small, uneven areas that would otherwise cause heat loss.

Achieve efficient insulation with A+ Insulation

A+ Insulation is your go-to insulating company in Kansas City, where we’ve been insulating homes in since 2004. Our team of experts will help pick the right materials and ensure that your house is properly insulated and compliant with state and local building policies.

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Turn Your Attic Into A Playroom

Man renovating attic

Instead of using your attic as a stockroom where you dump old and unusable things, why not transform it to become your children’s next playroom?

Most of the time, it’s annoying to clean bedrooms littered with toys, and having your children play in the living room or in the kitchen can be harmful to them. You wouldn’t want your children to hit you with a plastic sword while cooking, would you?

Attics can be transformed into one of the best playrooms in the house. They are spacious so your children can do a lot of fun activities in them. Changing your attic into a playroom gives a set place where the children will be. You won’t have to worry about children playing in unsafe areas or just wondering where they are. A bonus is that toys will not litter around the house and will be kept away from sight whenever there are guests present.

In order for your children to have that best attic-turned-playroom experience, follow these steps.

Ensure your children’s safety

The first thing to consider when transforming your attic to a playroom is how the children will access it safely. Most attics use ladders for access, which is very risky for young children. You may choose to replace the ladder with a staircase if you have enough space or you can construct a staircase from inside a bedroom.

Maximise your attic’s space

Utilize all that empty space by creating different play zones. Put a table, a chair and a chalkboard in one area, and a body pillow and a makeshift tent in another.

Install a bookshelf against the wall, or a closet where your children can put their toys after playing.

Make the design fun and exciting

Paint the walls with fun and bright colors. Paint the ceiling with lighter shades that create the illusion of more space. If you choose to install wallpaper, choose those with bold prints.

Do not over-decorate though. Remember that this is a playroom and children can play wildly. Keep the area as open as possible to have room for playing.

For functionality, choose a thick carpet to minimize the noise level that will be transmitted to the lower levels of the house.

Make sure the attic is properly insulated

Attics can become very hot in summers and very cold in winters. Make sure the attic is properly insulated during these times so that your children will remain comfortable while playing. Consult a professional if you feel that the attic is too cold or warm for it to turned into a playroom.

Insulate your home with us

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Insulating a Workshop Shed: Why It Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

There are a lot of possible reasons why people decide to build their own workshop shed. It may be for extra storage, a place for your own time and for quiet, or a place where you can work on your own personal projects. No matter what is the reason behind building it, it is likely that your outdoor shed has become one of your favorite places at home and where you spend many hours.

However, an ideal workshop needs to be practical and functional in any kind of weather and season. Your workshop shed may become uncomfortable during the winter and summer, halting your productivity and delaying your projects.

If you have a hard time using your shed when it’s too hot or too cold, insulating your workshop shed may be the addition you need in order to be able to use your workshop shed all year round.

What are the benefits of insulation?

Effective insulation can significantly lessen your energy bills. Your workshop shed may not be the first part of your home you will think of insulating, but your workshop shed is somewhere a lot of your time is spent and most of your goals and projects are achieved.

Adding an insulation system for your workshop shed makes for better storage space. Insulating your workshop shed will protect your valuables from the damaging effects of excessive heat. It improves the comfort of your shed making it perfect for various activities. Once it’s insulated it can double as a hobby room, games room, and personal gym.

What type of insulation is perfect for my shed?

For a workshop shed that is relatively tiny and is only mostly used by one person, an insulation system that is economical but also for the long-term is what you’re looking for. Aside from preventing additional energy bills, blown insulation helps you save money by not having additional expenses in repairs. It also takes less time as it is less messy and is easy to apply.

Who should do the insulation?

A lot of articles on the internet may suggest and may make you believe that you can do the insulation by yourself but hiring a professional is always the ideal way to insulate a part of your home. Insulating your workshop shed may sound like a fun do-it-yourself project but a home necessity such as this should not be taken lightly.

There are also health hazards involved in installing insulation. If you don’t have the proper safety equipment, you should not even be considering doing it on your own as it can pose threats to your health. Inhaling fiberglass can cause lung damage and other respiratory diseases.

Although it can look relatively easy, there’s a lot of time and work that goes into installing insulation. Insulation professionals have the correct tools and years of experience and it’s better to trust them to do the job than waste more money and more time due to your mistakes.

Ready for your workshop shed to reach its maximum potential?  A+ Insulation will provide proper insulation and A+ service for your shed so you can comfortably use it all year round. Contact us today to get a quote.