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A Whole New World Beneath Your Feet: Basement Conversion Ideas


Are you looking to build another living space or entertainment hub to your home but don’t know where to build it?

The answer could be right under your nose.

A basement conversion is one of the best ways to add space to your home if you no longer have room to extend above ground. Since basements are closer to the main living areas, it’s the ideal place to add more practical living and entertainment space.

There are plenty of ways to transform your basement, but before you do, prepare your “underground room” first.

First Things First: Prepare the Basement

If a basement is unused or needs a little work before conversion, prioritize its restoration.

Hire a spray foam insulation expert in Kansas City to address the holes and cracks in the room. Spray foam insulation creates an airtight seal that’s less permeable to air infiltration, sealing all the exposed nooks and crannies of your basement. It also provides a moisture barrier that keeps water from seeping through the crevices and damaging your walls and floors.

Another practical way to waterproof your underground space is tanking. It involves applying a protective coating to your interior walls to create a barrier water can’t pass through. Tanking takes two forms: a waterproof sealant/render or a form of fixed membrane.

Once you’ve put the basement in order, you can start planning the conversion.

A New Kind of Room: Basement Conversion Ideas

The function of a basement isn’t limited to a single thing. Since it’s a versatile area, choosing what to do with it can be tricky.

If you’re still wondering what to do with your basement, here are some ideas:

An Extra Bedroom

Perhaps you need more space as your family grows. Instead of having the kids share a room, convert your basement into another bedroom. After waterproofing the basement and improving its insulation, turn it into a cozy personal space for your children.

It’s also good to have an extra bedroom if you love having guests overnight. Let them spend the night in your basement-turned-bedroom.

Home Cinema

Upgrade your movie watching experience by building a cinema right inside your home. The walls of basements absorb less noise compared to rooms above the ground. Soundproof your basement by installing drywall and acoustic noise-proofing sealants, such as SC-175 or Green Glue. Once you’ve finished soundproofing your basement, you can watch movies with the volume turned up to your heart’s content without having to worry about disturbing your neighbors.

Most basements also have fewer windows, which make it easier to control the stream of external light, giving your home a genuine, blackout-darkness feel that makes for good cinema viewing.

Complete your home cinema with a couple of plush chairs and a popcorn machine!

Office or Study Space

If you need a place to concentrate on your deadlines, the basement might be the answer.

Since basements are separate from the main living area, you can spend more time finishing work undisturbed. A study or office space in your basement can also help you separate work from leisure. You can close the door on the distracting sounds of the television, radio, or chatter while in your new study/office space.

Compact office furniture systems don’t take a big chunk of space, so you can add more furniture, such as bookshelves, desks, and study lamps. Depending on the design of your basement, you can also add a separate entrance to your home office, which is useful if you plan to see plenty of clients (or wish to sublet the space in the future).

Home Gym

Work out in the privacy of your home by building your gym in your basement. With a home gym, you save more in the long run due to the absence of membership fees.

When converting your basement to a gym, consider your flooring first. Rubber flooring is the go-to option for a workout space, but wall-to-wall carpeting applied over your rubber floor offers more flexibility in terms of comfort and aesthetics. Use sustainable carpets with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to reduce odor.

If your basement has plenty of bare walls, install a mirror or two. They will be helpful when you need to check if you’re in the correct position when performing different exercises.

Underground Parking

Underground garages are perfect if you have more than one car. A double-tier lift garage allows you to park two cars in one space.

To do this, however, you’ll have to strengthen your basement’s foundation first. In terms of what type of foundation you’ll need and the wall construction, use one of four materials: concrete block, poured concrete, stone walls, and precast panels. Also, use drywall for the walls and ceiling.

Entertainment Room

Bring guests to the one room that has everything they need to stay entertained.

Transform your basement into an entertainment center by adding a pinball machine, pool table, or a big-screen TV for games and movies. You can also add bean bags and sofas for your family and friends to lounge around while you play board games or chat.

If the space allows it, install a mini kitchen where you can prepare snacks while your guests enjoy themselves.

Wine Cellars

wine cellar

Since basements are constructed underground, keeping the area at a constant temperature is easier compared to other parts of the house. If you love wine and wish to keep it close, turn your basement into a wine cellar.

If an HVAC system doesn’t fit your budget, control the temperature by thoroughly insulating the area. If you can accommodate it, invest in a wine room-specific HVAC system to keep a proper balance between humidity and temperature — a crucial factor in keeping your wines in good condition.

Basement Bars

Transform your cellar into a gathering area, complete with a bar. Entertain friends with a couple of drinks (and be their own barkeep) by adding bar stools and a few chairs. Make sure you have enough storage space for your favorite alcohol. Save space with a compact bar with built-in storage compartments and wine coolers.

Space for Loud Hobbies

A little soundproofing can transform your basement into the perfect place for activities that would disturb other household members or your neighbors.

Basements are popular locations for music and recording studios. Have your band practice at home without bothering your neighbors.

If you’re into woodworking, you’re better off finishing your wooden pieces in your basement. Woodworking tools, such as power saws and lathes, can create quite a racket. A finished and soundproof basement can muffle the noise so you aren’t disturbed and don’t disturb anyone else in turn.

Smart Basement Conversion

However you decide to use your basement space, it’s crucial to have a solid plan. Some activities like photograph development or woodworking find a great home in cellars, but you need to prioritize ventilation so you can do these hobbies safely. If you want to turn your basement into a bar, add a bar sink and half-bath to make operations more convenient.

Also, consider the basement’s main purpose if you plan on moving in the future. If this isn’t your retirement home, converting your basement into something unusual might affect a potential homebuyer’s decision and the house’s market value. Not all buyers are fans of home theaters, basement bars, or home gyms, after all.

Design with the future in mind to create a space you’ll love without alienating prospective homebuyers.

“Can I Convert My Basement on My Own?”

There are two ways to go about with a basement conversion: do-it-yourself and hiring a licensed professional.

A do-it-yourself basement conversion is a perfect project to complete in your spare time. Managing a small remodel can save money and time since it gives you complete control over the schedule and your budget.

This control, however, comes with responsibilities, such as filing the proper permits and ensuring all of your conversion updates follow building regulations.

If you’re not prepared for these tasks, hire a professional instead.

Experienced basement remodelers and contractors can apply and manage all the permits for your project. They are familiar with local state and city laws regarding permits. They are also knowledgeable in the right materials to use for your conversion. If you have concerns regarding your budget, they can still find quality materials that suit your financial capability.

Professional contractors use only the necessary tools and put their knowledge to use to perform tasks without flaws. Whether you want to convert your basement into a movie theater, a game room, or another bedroom, an expert can fulfill your requirements effortlessly.

Before you hire a contractor, ask them these questions first:

  • How long have you been providing this service?
  • Are you licensed? Are you also insured?
  • Can I have a look at your previous projects?
  • How long do your projects last?

Take Advantage of the Room Beneath Your Feet

You don’t have to build a new space if you want another bedroom or a game room. The solution for more space is under your nose — or your feet, in this case.

Convert your basement into any room you want with help from the experts. A+ Insulation takes care of the insulation portion of your basement conversion. Reduce energy consumption and improve your new room’s comfort with our spray foam services.

Learn more about how else your new room can benefit from our basement insulation services.