Blow-in-Blanket Insulation: The Better Insulation Alternative?

You have a lot of home insulation options readily available to you these days. Your local insulation experts will throw out a couple of familiar terms like rolled, batt, and spray foam.

The BIBS System: A Better Insulation Option for Your Home?

While the options listed above popular, there’s another type of insulation you can consider: blow-in-blanket insulation systems (BIBS).

The Basics of BIBS

BIBS insulation in Kansas City is a type of insulation system that uses specially manufactured fiberglass blowing tools installed in the floors, walls, ceilings, and attics behind a proprietary fabric.

The system creates a seamless insulation blanket that fills the gaps around wires, pipes, and other objects to eliminate air gaps and voids. This thermal envelope has no settling either, maximizing comfort and increasing sound control.

It provides total coverage against humid air currents, as well as against harmful moisture.

With BIBS insulation, homeowners improve the structure’s overall thermal efficiency and durability.

Why BIBS is the Ideal Choice

As mentioned, this insulation system offers several benefits to residential homes, commercial properties, and industrial buildings. Consider the following advantages:

Higher Efficiency R-Values

This high-density insulation solution delivers higher R-values (or thermal resistance) compared to traditional insulation alternatives. Its high R-value guarantees greater insulating effectiveness, which promotes maximum comfort in your home or commercial establishment.


Blown-in-blanket insulation doesn’t settle. Insulation experts place only a measured amount of dense-pack fiberglass blowing wool behind a dust-free fabric. Workers that install the system properly eliminate the potential for settling.

Excellent Sound Control

BIBS systems fill the areas around your wires, pipes inside the wall or ceiling cavity. Without air gaps to carry in sound, homeowners can enjoy peace and quiet in any room of their home.

Fewer Allergens, Pests, and Pollutants

BIBS’ consistent density of fiberglass blowing wools reduces pathways for outdoor allergens, moisture, pests and pollutants, which improves comfort indoors.

An Energy-Efficient Option

With the rising concerns over global warming and increasing energy prices, energy-efficiency is now also a priority for today’s homeowners.

Fiberglass insulation is a proven energy-saving measure applied in most homes and commercial establishment. A number of traditional fiberglass applications, however, still leaves air gaps and settle, which leads to heat loss.

With blow-in-blanket insulation, this isn’t a problem. The BIBS system maximizes energy while saving you more money along the way. It uses glass fibers designed to deliver maximum performance with minimal weight. Because of the compressible and lightweight quality of its wool fiber, the BIBS system requires less energy and packaging to get to the construction site.

Improve the comfort of your home with blow-in-blanket insulation. This state-of-the-art insulation solution promotes better thermal efficiency without compromising yours and the environment’s comfort.

When it comes to BIBS or other forms of insulation, count on A+ Insulation to do the job. Our BIBCA certified professionals will properly install your systems, as well as ensure the comfort of your home and the safety of your family.

Have one of our energy consultants evaluate if BIBS is right for your home. Get in touch with us today for a free no-obligation energy evaluation.