Home Wall Insulation Installation in Kansas City

Insulation acts as a barrier to heat loss and gain. This is important in areas such as roofs and walls. It is your best bet for cost-effective alternatives to maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout your home.

Insulated walls prevent energy from being wasted on heating or cooling systems. You never have to worry about putting unnecessary strain on your heater or AC. Not only will you be able to achieve your desired temperature indoors, but you’ll also get the added benefit of soundproofing with the right type of insulation.

Deciding to get wall insulation installed in Kansas ensures that your home will be comfortable, relaxing, and safe all year round.

At A+ Insulation, we have several kinds of insulation for walls. From batted and rolled variations to blown-in fiberglass and spray foam, we can do it all. But first, we have to assess your home to help decide which type is suitable for your situation.

We Seal the Gaps for Effective Insulation Performance

No matter what kind of insulation you choose, they all require careful installation for effective performance. The most important thing in wall insulation is a continuous fit with no gaps. Gaps allow air to flow and that reduces the effectiveness of the insulation.

Keeping batted insulation continuous is tricky because there are windows, doors, pipes, lighting fixtures, and electrical outlets to work around. Blown-in insulation is better at getting into the smaller areas. Spray foam actually seals while it insulates for the very best protection. At A+ Insulation, no matter what kind of insulation method you choose, we make sure the gaps are sealed for the best insulation performance.

A+ Insulation Creates an Insulation Strategy for Your Home

The main purpose of insulation is to control heat flow. Heat naturally moves from warm areas to cold areas. Heat transfers through your walls when there is not enough insulation. In the summer, when it’s warm outside, heat moves through exterior walls to the inside of the home. This is called heat gain. In the winter, the opposite happens.

Heat generated by your furnace moves through the walls and is lost to the outdoors. This is called heat loss. Insulation provides a barrier that makes this heat flow much slower and more difficult keeping you comfortable and saving you money on energy bills. We will create an insulation strategy for your home that will cover your walls, roof, and sealing all the gaps.

Call A+ Insulation for the most effective fiberglass wall insulation installation. We treat your home like it’s our home and work hard to give you the most effective insulation services in Kansas City.

Here are our wall insulation options:

Insulsafe SP Insulation

Insulsafe SP Insulation kansas city

InsulSafe SP is a fiberglass blown-in insulation used in both attics and walls. Besides thermal efficiency, it has many other benefits including great coverage, sound absorption, very little settling, and is also noncombustible. It is designed for pneumatic installation in open (attic) and closed (sidewalls/floor) construction cavities. It can be used in both new construction and in existing structures.

Cellulose Insulation

home and commercial Cellulose insulation

Cellulose insulation is another blown-in type of insulation. It acts similar to a liquid when it is applied, wrapping itself around obstructions and filling nooks and crannies that batt insulation can’t. It creates a virtual blanket around the inside of your home providing superior thermal efficiency.

Spray Foam Insulation

spray foam insulation for home or business

CertaSpray closed cell foam insulation is a spray foam insulation that expands up to 100 times its original size to fill every little space. It is an all-in-one insulation and air sealing system. Once applied, it doesn’t settle or sag. A+ Insulation offers spray foam insulation for commercial and residential properties throughout the Kansas City area.

Batted Insulation

batted wall insulation residential or commercial

Batt insulation is one of the most affordable types of insulation for attics and walls. It is effective and affordable, but it is better for areas without a lot of pipes, wires, or other obstructions because these interruptions in the wall require cutting the insulation to fit around them. This can cause gaps in the insulation which negatively affect its ability to insulate the surface from the air. We are licensed and insured and prepared to take on any insulation job in Kansas City.

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