Home Insulation Services in Brookside

Most homes in Brookside do not have enough insulation. For that matter, most homes anywhere don’t have enough insulation. Builders only add what is required by code and that’s the bare minimum. Adding attic insulation and wall insulation to your Brookside home will make it feel warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and reduce your energy costs.

How Much Insulation Does Your Attic Need?

The nice thing about attic insulation is that it’s easy to tell if you have enough. The recommended level for attics in Brookside is a minimum of R-49 or about 18.5 inches deep, depending on the insulation type. It’s easy to go up to your attic and look across and if you can see the floor joists. If you can, you need more. If you can’t see the floor joists, you probably have enough. Other things to check for are that the insulation is evenly spread and that it goes all the way to the eaves. Holes and missing edges will lower the insulation’s effectiveness.

Wall Insulation Is Critical as Well

Adding wall insulation is also critical to keeping your Brookside home comfortable year round. From batted or rolled insulation to blown-in fiberglass and cellulose insulation to spray foam, there are many choices for wall insulation. If you need wall insulation, give us a call and we will assess your home to help decide which type of wall insulation makes sense for your home. No matter what kind you choose, adding wall insulation will reduce your energy costs.

Professional Insulation Installation Means Effective Performance

Keeping the insulation gap free is one of the best ways to make sure your insulation will be effective. If there are gaps, air will flow through them and decrease the ability to keep heat where you need it. While you may thing this sounds easy, it’s actually very tricky because there are windows, doors, pipes, lighting fixtures, and electrical outlets within walls that you have to work around. Depending on where we are installing the insulation, we will use various types for the best results. Blown-in insulation is better at getting into the smaller areas. Spray foam insulation is the best because it actually seals while it insulates to form a vapor barrier which keeps air out. No matter what kind of insulation we install in your Brookside home, we make sure the gaps are sealed for the best insulation performance. We know the tricks of the trade and will make sure your attic insulation and wall insulation installation is as effective as possible.

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