Crawl Space Insulation in Kansas City

Crawl Spaces under homes can create enormous headaches for homeowners. A crawl space is susceptible to moisture and deterioration problems. A crawl space naturally becomes damp, as the crawl space is in direct contact with the soil. Damp environments are unhealthy, harboring mold and creating an ideal living space for pests.

This damp space affects the interior of your home. The natural airflow of a home is from bottom to top and the moist air flows up and into the living areas of the home.

Crawl Space – BeforeCrawl Space – After
home crawl space insulation before photocrawl space insulation after installation

Properly air sealing and insulating your home’s crawl space with A Plus Insulation provides these benefits:

  • a more comfortable and more healthy living environment for you and your family
  • savings on energy costs by not having to heat or cool the air from the crawl space that is pulled into your home due to natural air flow
  • additional storage space for your home by creating a clean and dry space beneath your home

A Plus Insulation takes the necessary steps to properly seal and insulate your crawl space including:

  • Draining the fabric
  • Adding a floor liner
  • Adding spray or rigid foam insulation

Spray Foam Foundation

Draped Foundation Insulation

crawl space spray foam insulationCertainTeed fiberglass insulation for basement and masonry walls
Crawl space spray foam insulation is available in two varieties, open cell spray foam insulation and polyurethane spray foam insulation (closed cell). Closed cell typically has a higher R-value, but open cell is preferred for some applications. The expert insulation contractors at A+ Insulation can help you determine which type of spray foam insulation is best for your home, and what R-factor will help you get the best value.CertainTeed offers several fiber glass insulation products designed specifically for basements and areas with masonry wall construction where cavity depth is limited. Basement wall insulation is designed for use in both residential and commercial projects where code or builder preference specifies an insulated basement area.

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