Superior Home Insulation Services in Stanley, KS

If you’re considering better insulation for your house in Stanley, Kansas, there’s no better insulation contractor to trust with your home than A+ Insulation. Our certified insulation installers have improved insulation for more than 10,000 homeowners across the Kansas City area, including Stanley.

Our home insulation services include:

There are several reasons why homeowners in Stanley are investing in improving their home insulation, such as, but not limited to:

  • Combatting rising energy costs with better insulation to reduce utility bills up to 30%
  • Ensuring their home meets current building codes for sufficient insulation to avoid surprises when it’s time to sell
  • Replacing older insulation materials with more advanced ones to improve their comfort all year round
  • Insulating their interiors against outside noise
  • Soundproofing specific rooms
  • Helping keep pests and rodents from entering their homes

Determining if Your Attic Needs Better Insulation

Our home insulation services begin with listening to your ultimate goals. From there, we can determine what type of insulation you need to achieve your goals. Then, we measure how much insulation your home has now and calculate how much and where new insulation is needed.

Achieving a higher R-value often means installing thicker insulation. Typically, homes in Stanley, Kansas require 18.5 inches to meet a minimum of R-49 (insulation is measured in R-value). However, that number can vary based on the type of insulation that will work best for your home—that’s where A+ Insulation’s installers’ expertise comes in handy.

Our highly-trained home insulation experts will walk your attic, looking for exposed floor joists, uneven layers and open edges. These are signs your home insulation needs improvement. Also, if your home has been recently reroofed, debris could’ve fallen on your insulation, minimizing its effectiveness.

What About Wall Insulation Services?

Rolled or batted, blown-in fiberglass, cellulose insulation and spray foam are used for wall insulation. Wall insulation works in conjunction with your attic insulation to keep your home comfortable in summer and winter, as well as help soundproof and keep out pests and rodents. Our experts can check your current wall insulation and determine how much and what kind will deliver the results you want.

Choose a Trusted and Experienced Insulation Company

Adding home insulation is more involved than many homeowners think. If you decide to invest in insulating your house, choose an insulation company that employs experts who take the time to insulate all gaps and around windows, doors, pipes, lighting fixtures and electrical outlets. You’d be surprised how many insulation contractors don’t.

Download a helpful checklist: What to Look for When Hiring an Insulation Company

A+ Insulation’s experts carefully seal all gaps for exceptional comfort and energy savings. Plus, we install the insulation best suited for your home. Blown-in insulation is better at getting into the smaller areas. Spray foam insulation is the best because it actually seals while it insulates to form a vapor barrier which keeps air out.

Count on us to put in the extra effort required to make your insulation as effective as it can possibly be.

Want a trusted assessment to find out if your home in Stanley is insulated adequately?  Schedule a free, no-obligation energy evaluation. Call us at (913) 281-2250.