5 Parts of Your Home You Should Insulate Before Winter Comes

Now that we’re a few months away from the cold season, it is important to think of ways to protect your home and keep your family comfortable during winter. Here at A+ Insulation, we’ve come up with a list of the areas of your home that may need insulation before temperatures start to drop.

1. Attic

Often, winter is the season of skyrocketing utility bills, as we try to keep every room in our home at a warm, comfortable temperature. But you can help ensure home comfort without increasing your energy bills by having a properly insulated attic space. Inspect your attic, and look for cracks and gaps where blown insulation may not have settled correctly. Schedule attic insulation services in Kansas to address any problems you may discover.

With proper attic insulation, you keep heat out of the attic and in the rooms and living areas of your home. Plus by keeping your attic cooler, you’ll likely prevent ice dams from forming on your roof during winter, wreaking damage later on.

2. Garage

A garage that isn’t properly insulated allows heat to freely flow in and out of your house throughout the year, costing you money. Of course, the energy waste is much higher during winter. So, remember to include your garage on your pre-cold season insulation checklist. Otherwise, expect increasing energy bills and cold air creeping in every time you enter your garage.

If you insulate your garage, one of your priorities should be the wall that the area shares with your home. This is the place where most of the heat transfer occurs between your house and the garage. Also, don’t forget about the garage door. It functions as a large, thin exterior wall with many joints that create spaces where air can freely flow.

3. Exterior Walls

It is likely that your exterior walls are already insulated, but there’s no guarantee that the insulation is sufficient. The most crucial part of wall insulation is achieving a continuous fit with no gaps. For instance, keeping layers of batted insulation seamless is tricky as there are pipes, electrical outlets, and windows to work around; as a result, there may be gaps in your wall that will require sealing and insulating.

4. Crawlspaces

Crawlspaces are easy to ignore as you don’t see these parts of your home every day. But when insulated, these spaces play an important role in keeping your home warm and toasty during winter. Call an insulation service company to make sure your upper and lower crawlspaces have enough protection against cold temperatures.

5. Other Places Where Insulation is Old or Damaged

Pests, mold, and moisture can damage insulation, especially if the insulating materials have endured a lot of tough winters. So, while the temperature is still warm, schedule an inspection to see if you have old or damaged insulation in your home that needs replacement.

The harsh, cold weather is coming, so now’s the time to make sure your floors, walls, and the rest of your home will stay warm, comfortable, and dry over the winter season. Give us a call today to get started.