5 of the Best Reasons to Replace Your Home’s Insulation

If you’re wondering if your home needs new insulation, and the high energy bills aren’t enough of a clue, see if any of these other opportunities to install new insulation sound familiar:

Critters and Pests

Ya+ insulation kansas city attic insulationour home should be a place of refuge, but some pests take advantage of this. If you’ve noticed critters such as raccoons, squirrels, mice, or opossums around the exterior of your home, it may be a good idea to check your attic, basement, and crawlspaces for any infestations. Rodents and insects are skilled at finding a way into your home through even the smallest of openings such as holes in the roof or vents.

If you discover any signs of pests in your attic, basement, or crawlspaces, you will want to replace insulation after repairing any damage done by the critters. This will help prevent further infestation, and unpleasant smells due to any waste left by the pests, in the future. Another reason to be sure the attic is well-insulated is that it will help seal those openings (the same ones jacking up your energy bill) critters use to enter.

Leaky Roof and Water Damage

Just like critters can sneak in through the smallest of holes, so can water. Heavy rains or flooding can compromise the walls and roof of your home. With water coming in, and no way to dry out, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a mold, mildew, or bacteria problems on your hands. Attics, walls, and basements are all susceptible to this kind of water damage.

Some types of insulation are more or less susceptible to mold growth than others. Fiberglass is a non-biodegradable material and is resistant to mold growth. Cellulose-based insulation, made of paper materials, is the ideal food source for mold if it becomes wet. Even fiberglass can have a paper backing that would serve as a buffet for mold.

Other ways to make sure your home’s moisture is under control include air sealing, proper ventilation, and insulation to prevent condensation or around pipes to keep them from freezing and bursting.

Crumbly and Old

If you’ve noticed inconsistent temperatures in your home, old insulation may be to blame. Over time, you may notice that your insulation begin to loses some of its form, and may crumble or settle. Put on a glove and feel your attic insulation. If you think it still has its elasticity and can hold a shape, that’s great. If it feels crumbly, it’s time to look at replacing it.

There are multiple other ways to see if your insulation is insufficient or losing its effect. If you have an older home, consider the simple touch test. The interior ceilings, walls and floors in your home shouldn’t feel damp or cold. When drywall and paneling inside a home feels damp or cold, this means that there is not enough insulation in the walls.

Alternatively, when touching an exterior wall from outside, it should feel cold because insulation is keeping warm air inside the home. The next time you go out to get the mail, simply touch the exterior walls of your home to see how much heat you might be losing. Whether it’s replacing insulation or simply adding more as a retrofit, you have plenty of options.

Drafts Everywhere

Whether your problem area is around a doorway, window, or in the attic, drafts are a huge problem. Though some small drafts can be eliminated with some creative caulking, you probably need some extra insulation in those problem areas too. You may think drafts are just inconvenient, but they can cost you big bucks over time.

One of the best solutions we have for drafty areas is spray foam insulation. It’s a great option because it can get down deep into those cracks and crevices and it even seals while it insulates. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to start saving on your energy bill long after your blown-in insulation has settled. We can insulate any of your problem areas including basement ceilings, wall spaces, and attic floors.

Noise Control

Do you ever stop and realize just how much noise your family makes? Kids want to play with loud toys while parents try to watch a quiet show. It happens, and it probably leads to some conflict. Soundproofing insulation is your easiest solution.

In addition to reducing noise pollution from construction and trains outside, we can add soundproofing insulation to home movie theaters, playrooms, nurseries, and home offices. Soundproofing insulation will improve your quality of life by reducing noise pollution inside. We can add this either during the construction or renovation of your home or we can easily retrofit existing residences. No matter what your home is like, you can benefit from the decrease in noise and increase in peace.

If any of this sounds familiar, call A+ Insulation at (913) 281-2250 or (816) 268-7511 and we’ll be glad to inspect your home and install new insulation. We can even perform a free home energy evaluation to help you know where your home is losing the most energy!