A+ Quality in Every Insulation Installation

house wrapped in cozy covers and is insulatedInsulation is seldom discussed but is crucial to the well-being, comfort, and protection of a family. Often, the original insulation installed will last for many years. But sometimes, problems happen, such as:

  • Older homes that have insulation that is hazardous to the family’s health.
  • Leaks in the roof of the house have damaged the existing insulation.
  • There are times when the insulation material is not compatible with modern electrical lighting in the ceiling it is covering.
  • Some builders have erroneously vented exhausts to the attic space. Humid exhaust air gets trapped in your insulation, thereby ruining it.
  • The insulation installation was inadequate
  • Owners may want to use the attic for storage or an extra room.
  • According to many experts, any home over five years old needs to have its insulation evaluated.

So, at some time or another, you are going to need to insulate your home. And at A+ Insulation, we make sure our customers know exactly what to expect if they need new insulation.

With our 14-Step Installation Process, you will understand how long the installation will take, how we protect your home, how much it will cost, what to expect, and why we include so much in the process. We tell you up-front so there are no surprises, no inconveniences, and no unknowns. You can relax with A+ because we will keep you informed.

A Breakdown of Our 14-Point Installation Process:

  1. Initial Contact – First, call or email us and we will set an appointment to inspect your home.
  2. Free, In-Home, No-Obligation, Inspection – We tell you where and how much insulation you will need.
  3. Free Estimate – We provide a free, upfront estimate before any work begins so you never get a surprise bill with add-ons or extras you were not expecting.
  4. Free Home Energy Evaluation – The home energy evaluation helps us see where your home is leaking energy so we know exactly which problem areas to fix.
  5. Pre-Installation Walk-Through – Before we begin working, we take you on a walk through the project area to explain where and why insulation is necessary.
  6. Scheduling – We set a date that fits your schedule.
  7. Job Length Estimation – After assessing the project, we give you a time estimate of how long we will be in your home from start to cleanup.
  8. Project Debris – We take special care to protect your home and your family from any contact with our insulation materials or our equipment. We want your home to look perfect when we leave.
  9. Installation – We not only install the insulation, but we go the extra mile to seal all leaks where air can escape.
  10. Post-Installation Walk-Through – A+ wants to leave its customers completely satisfied with the job. When the project concludes, we show you our work so you know we did exactly what we said we would do.
  11. Before & After Photos – To make sure there is no doubt about our completed project, we provide photographic evidence that shows attics and crawl spaces, which would otherwise be hard to see, insulated completely and correctly.
  12. Cleanup – We always leave your home as clean as we found it.
  13. Final Payment – Once we are positive you are completely satisfied with our work, we accept final payment.
  14. Comfort Assurance – We leave you comfortable with the job, with the price, and with our company. We also leave you in the comfort of your well-insulated home.

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Quality in Every Insulation Installation

A+ does not want its customers to have any surprises when it comes to their home insulation process. Nothing is worse than contracting with a company that does not live up to its promises and the owner’s expectations. That will not happen with A+. The most important issue for us is that your home insulation is up to or even better than all local building codes for your area. Since 90% of homes in the U.S. are under-insulated, yours could very well be one of them. And, oh yes, one more thing; the proper insulation will make a noticeable difference in your heating and cooling bills. Let us know if need our assistance.

If you’d like to save money on your energy bills, give A+ Insulation a call at (913) 281-2250 or (816) 268-7511 or contact us online.

Compare before you hire. Use this handy list to know which questions to ask when comparing insulation companies. Download by clicking on the image below: