Adding Insulation – DIY or Go Pro?

DIY Insulation PicAt A+ Insulation, we see a lot of insulation jobs that are sub-par. Some of these jobs are done by homeowners and sadly, some are done by “professionals”. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, and you want to do the job right, you’ll want to read this article first! We’re not saying you can’t do it on your own, but we want you to know all of the factors to consider before taking on insulation as a DIY project.

Know the Insulation Products

There are a lot of different kinds of insulation to choose from. Which type is right for the area you are insulating? Batted or blown insulation, as well as options that contain fire or moisture barriers, are all available. Some insulation types are fairly easy to install and some require technical skill, knowledge, and special equipment. So what makes the most sense for homeowners? Check out this blog post with more information on which types of insulation to use where.

Things You’ll Need to Know before You Insulate

First, you’ll need to know the correct R-value, size, and type of insulation you need to make your home efficient. Before you install the insulation, you’ll need to inspect the area you’re insulating. Attics are notorious for mold, mildew, and small animal infestations. If your attic has mold or mildew, it could need better ventilation. Furthermore, if there are leaks, they must be repaired before you install insulation. Another sign of ventilation problems that will need to be fixed prior to insulating are ice dams forming on your roof.

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Additionally, any structural damage should be repaired. Look for air leaks around lights or vents and be sure to seal them. If your home was built in 1975 or earlier, you’ll want to hire a licensed asbestos professional to test your old insulation. Asbestos is most hazardous when disturbed, so don’t take chances.

Home Energy Evaluations Are A Must

Most homes don’t have enough insulation to make them energy efficient and most homeowners have never had an energy evaluation. It’s a smart idea to know where the most energy is escaping so you can make the most efficient and effective changes. At A+ Insulation, we give you a free home energy evaluation. We’ll be able to tell you where you can make the changes that will affect your bills the most.

An Insulation Job Well Done

Why would you choose a professional over DIY? Let’s talk about guaranteed work! Professionals are certified insulation master craftsmen, who have the knowledge to do the job right. Expert estimators and insulation professionals can assist homeowners in choosing the right materials and sealing and ventilating properly for maximum insulation benefits, as opposed to making a DIY “best guess”. Not to mention, professionals know to follow all of the proper building codes and take care of permits, plus, they will remove and dispose of your old insulation.

If you decide to take on the project yourself, we hope this blog post will help you know what pitfalls to look for to avoid mistakes. If you decide you’d like a professional insulation contractor to handle the job, give A+ Insulation a call.

Call us at 913-648-9290 and either way, don’t forget to have one of our energy consultants come to your home to perform a free, no-obligation energy evaluation.