Why Consider Underfloor Insulation for Your Home

When homeowners have their house insulated, they often focus on common areas, such as the attic and exterior walls. While insulating these areas is vital to save money on cooling and heating expenses, residents can bring down these costs further when they insulate the space below their floors.

Heat from Below: Why You Should Warm Up to Underfloor Insulation

In addition to saving money, you’ll reap these benefits when you consider underfloor insulation.

Stop Loss of Heat

According to Green Home Gnome, a resource site for homebuyers, individuals can lose as much as ten percent of interior home heat through uninsulated floors. This percentage can go higher in houses with hardwood flooring or tile floors. Insulating the area under your floor can help prevent heat loss by reducing temperature changes. As a result, less energy is required to maintain the ideal temperature of your home.

Provide Additional Comfort

Underfloor insulation helps improve the comfort of your home’s environment. Walking on your floor will be much more comfortable to walk on if it does not lose heat quickly.

Prevent Pipes from Freezing During Winter

Pipes are prone to bursting and cracking if the water freezes inside them. Given that pipes often run near the floor, residents don’t usually inspect them. It may be difficult for homeowners to recognize the risk of freezing pipes.

The good news is that underfloor insulation offers additional protection to homes with piping beneath the floor. This is particularly useful houses in places that experience freezing winters. Installing a layer of insulation between the home’s exterior and the pipes can bring down the risk of wintertime pipe damage.

Create a Vapor Barrier to Minimize Moisture

Wood floors are susceptible to moisture. Homeowners can reduce the amount of moisture their hardwood flooring is exposed to by installing a layer of insulation between the floor and the crawlspace. The insulation creates a barrier that stops vapor and prevents moisture from entering the floor.

Eliminate Drafts

Underfloor insulation is suitable for houses set on piers or raised above the ground. The insulation stops drafts from entering the gap between the ground and the floor.

When contractors install the insulation to remove drafts, they can use either of these two strategies. One is to install rigid insulation panels between the joists of the floor. The contractor cuts the panels and then the spaces in between the joists and the insulation. Secondly, the contractor can add spray foam insulation if the floor joists are enclosed. Either way, the homeowner can rest easy knowing that both options can stop drafts.

If you’re planning to install underfloor insulation in your home, know that some projects require a contractor who knows how to work with air sealing, ventilation, and moisture. The good news is that A+ Insulation has the expertise needed to carry out efficient and diligent insulation work. Our insulation technicians will add the sufficient amount of insulation in the right places to protect you from high-energy bills and the elements. Rest assured that we’ll complete every insulation project to your satisfaction.

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