We Don’t Just Talk the Insulation Talk, We Walk the Walk

At A+ Insulation, customer service is our main concern. We want our customers to be happy, satisfied, comfortable, and confident that they hired the right insulation company and got a quality job for the money they paid. Sounds like what a lot of other insulation companies would say, right? Well, the difference is that we don’t just talk about it. We take actions that accomplish it.

Whole-House Walk-Through

When we finish with your insulation job, we don’t just say, “Thank you”, and pack up our equipment and go. Yes, the insulation job is complete, but our customer service job has only just begun, as we go above and beyond what is expected. After all, we want you to give us an A-PLUS!

Our technicians take the time to walk you through your home, show you where the insulation was installed, explain the details and let you see the finished work. Before we leave, we want to make sure you are completely satisfied with every aspect of the job.

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Photographic Evidence of an Insulation Job Well Done

Attic Blown-In Insulation After Pic
Attic After Picture with Ruler
Air Sealed Light Fixture Pic
Sealed Light Fixture in Attic







Some areas of your home, like your attic or crawl spaces, aren’t the most inviting or easy places to do a walk-through. We don’t let that stop us. We provide photographic proof of the insulation we installed. You’ll see before, during, and after photos of our work so you can be completely confident that we did what we said we would do. We show you how we sealed any leaks, and how much insulation we installed.

Your satisfaction is that important to us. We have built a reputation on excellence and trust. We count on you to recommend us to your family, friends, and neighbors and we want you to recommend us with confidence!

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If you need insulation installed in your home, call A+ Insulation at (913) 281-2250 or (816) 268-7511. We will provide the best insulation job you can find.

If you’re shopping for an insulation company in Kansas City, download this handy Homeowners Comparison Checklist to help know what to look for in an insulation company. Click on the image below:       

Homeowner Checklist CTA Hor