Fiberglass Insulation: A High Return Home Renovation

Insulation is an important and necessary addition to any home. An insulation upgrade proves itself to be one of the best improvements homeowners can make because of the return on investment it provides. For homeowners looking for a relatively inexpensive home renovation project that will increase their comfort and reduce energy costs, installing fiberglass insulation offers quite a compelling argument.

Fiberglass Insulation’s Return on Investment

For two years in a row, Remodeling Magazine and their Cost vs. Value Report has said that fiberglass insulation is the home remodeling upgrade project that provides the most substantial return on investment for homeowners looking to make some changes. This trend is becoming well known among homeowners looking for new ways to make small, incremental improvements to their home while also adding value.

Cost vs. Value Report

In an annual survey sent to real estate professionals across the U.S., realtors estimated that one year after a fiberglass insulation upgrade, homeowners would potentially increase the return on investment the value of their home by $1,446 at resale. The ‘Cost vs. Value Report’ estimated the average nationwide upgrade cost for adding blown-in loose fill fiberglass insulation into an attic (35×30) to reach an R-30 insulation value is $1,343.

Fiberglass Insulation has an  Average National Return of Over 100 Percent

After comparing the average cost for 29 of the most popular home renovation projects in 99 U.S. markets on both a national and regional outlook, Remodeling Magazine’s report states that fiberglass insulation upgrades add the most value to a home, coming in at 108 percent of the cost of the project. The average cost and return at resale for the other 29 projects that were included in this year’s report amounted to a 64.3 percent return, as long as the home was sold within one year of completing the renovation. Fiberglass insulation was the only project that had an average national return of more than 100 percent.

Professional Installation vs. DIY Costs

A lot of people believe that they can save even more money by installing their insulation themselves. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Unless you have the ability to make extremely accurate notes on where heat is lost and purchase the exact amount of insulation you need, you may end up spending more than the entire cost of having a professional contractor install the insulation for you. A few other issues DIYers could run into is the need to make changes to their HVAC while putting in their insulation, not having the correct permits, and risky health hazards if they do not have the right equipment.

If you want to reap the rewards and see a return on your investment, have your insulation installed by a professional. It will be much more cost-effective to have it done correctly, and you will avoid potentially expensive mistakes.

For any homeowner looking for an end of summer home improvement project that they can have completed relatively quickly and not go over their home renovation budget, installing fiberglass insulation has proven itself to be one of the best choices you can make.

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