High Energy Bills? Try Our DIY Home Energy Audit

High Energy Bills PictureAre your energy bills high but you don’t know why? A home energy audit will help you determine the areas of your home that are losing energy. The experts at A+ Insulation offer you some tips with this DIY home energy audit.

1. Is your home leaking air? If you answered yes, this could be one of the biggest sources of energy loss in your home, and sealing those gaps is a quick way to make your home more comfortable and efficient. You can fix these problems by caulking or weatherstripping.

2. Have you checked your water heater settings recently? Most water heaters heat water to a set temperature – causing the water heater cycles to continuously turn on and off. By lowering your setting a few degrees, you can often save half as much energy as air sealing would. Worried about cold water? Chances are the small change won’t even make a difference for your daily usage.

3. How often do you change your thermostat? Without sacrificing comfort, you can turn your thermostat on and off (or up and down) while you and your family are sleeping. You may be surprised at how much money and energy you will save by making these small changes every day or night.

4. Is your home properly insulated? The greater the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the more energy it takes to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. And by adding insulation, you will decrease those energy demands and get a return on your investment in as little as three years.

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5. How old is your refrigerator? Did you know refrigerators hold a set temperature, much like a water heater does? Better sealed and insulated refrigerators with updated mechanical systems will help lower your energy costs. If you don’t want to replace your refrigerator, consider replacing the seal on the door, to ensure it closes properly.

6. What kind of water heater and furnace do you have? Natural gas is oftentimes cheaper than electric appliances. Providing they’re available, high efficiency gas furnaces are worth installing, and will help lower the overall energy being used to heat your home.


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