Insulation Prices on the Rise – Insulate Your Home Now and Save

Rising Insulation Prices Sign PhotoIf you’re thinking of adding insulation to your home, doing it now as opposed to later may save you significantly. Insulation prices have risen 30% in the last six months and are expected to rise 20% in the next six months. If you wait till August to insulate your Kansas City home, the project will cost you about 10% more overall.

Why Is the Cost of Insulation Going Up?

Check out the prices of insulation at Home Depot or Lowes. Even the do-it-yourselfers will be paying more for insulation because of industry wide increases. Insulation is not alone. All construction materials are rising in price. It just happens to be the trend in the industry at the moment. Unfortunately, this trend is predicted to continue, so if you plan to insulate soon, the sooner the better.

Act Now To Save on Energy Bills and Insulation Installation Costs

It always makes sense to add insulation to your home if it is under-insulated (as most homes are). In fact, adding insulation is the single-most important thing to do to save money on energy bills. Related Read: Serious about Home Energy Savings? Do This First. Insulation makes up for 70% of the total heat gain and loss in your home. It will make the biggest impact on your heating and cooling bills. If you’re going to invest in your home, invest where it saves you the most money and invest before prices go up.

Not Sure if Your Home Needs Insulation?

If you’ve never added insulation to your home or had your home inspected for insulation, chances are, it could greatly benefit from adding more. Most new construction homes have the minimum amount of insulation required by building codes. While helpful, you can save a lot more energy by having a professional add more in the right places. If your home is older, even if you added more insulation, due to time and settling, more may be required for maximum protection. If you think your home could use more insulation, give A+ Insulation a call to schedule a free home energy evaluation to see how much you can save. We‘ll show you where you can make the changes that will affect your bills the most. Call 913-281-2250 or 816-268-7511 now before insulation prices rise any further.