Should You Insulate Your Interior Walls?

Kansas City regularly updates building codes to protect the safety, health, and welfare of local residents. Updates to the code minimize safety hazards at home, especially electricity-related ones. These updates almost always include insulation industry codes. Code updates push homeowners to address insulation issues and replace them when necessary. Household Possibilities: Is It Time to … Continue reading Should You Insulate Your Interior Walls?

How Does Insulation Affect Your Home’s Comfort and Safety?

Heat can escape from your home through the attic, especially if it doesn’t have enough insulation. Excessive heat loss can result in higher energy bills because your heating system has to work harder to provide enough warmth in your home. Insufficient insulation can also compromise the comfort of your home, during winter or summer. Does Your … Continue reading How Does Insulation Affect Your Home’s Comfort and Safety?

New Use Rule on Asbestos: Is it Going to Be Used Again?

Asbestos might be allowed back in some products in the U.S.

Why Blow-in-Blanket is an Efficient Insulation Alternative?

We discuss how blow in blanket insulation can be a great, energy efficient alternative to more traditional materials.

How R-Value Affects Your Insulation Choice

The right insulation with sufficient R-values can reduce your energy bill. We will discuss the different R-vaules for each type of insulation

Increase Your Home’s Value With 3 Insulation Projects

Many people renovate and remodel to increase their home’s value. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by adding insulation to these 3 areas of your home with these projects.

Attic Insulation: A Way to Reduce Heating Bills in Winter

Home heating prices are rising. We discuss how to lower those heating costs by installing the right type of insulation in your attic

Stop Paying Too Much to Heat Your Home This Winter

Here is how you can increase the thermal efficiency of your home to help you stay warm during winter without the high energy bills.

 How to Prepare Your Attic for Insulation This Winter

A lot of heat can escape from your attic during the winter months. Here is how you can make sure your home is comfortable and warm when temperatures get cold.

Blow-in-Blanket Insulation: The Better Insulation Alternative?

You have a lot of home insulation options readily available to you these days. Your local insulation experts will throw out a couple of familiar terms like rolled, batt, and spray foam. The BIBS System: A Better Insulation Option for Your Home? While the options listed above popular, there’s another type of insulation you can … Continue reading Blow-in-Blanket Insulation: The Better Insulation Alternative?