Pre-Season Prep: Getting Your Home Ready for a Hot Summer

A+-insulation-kansas-city-attic-insulationSummer in Kansas City officially starts with the Memorial Day weekend, ushering a season of huge, yearly blowouts with Celebration at the Station. Summertime can also get hot in the city. Meteorologists pointed out that the hottest period for the city historically happens from July 15 through July 30, with an average high of 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature can go higher than that, though. The highest ever recorded in Kansas City, in fact, was on August 14, 1936, with 113 degrees Fahrenheit.

During warm temperatures, homeowners should take steps to keep their house stay cool without skyrocketing their energy bill. Here’s how you can get your home ready for the season’s heat:

Paint Your Roof White

Steven Chu, a Nobel prize-winning scientist and former U.S. Secretary of Energy, proposed painting the roofs white. He believed that doing so would be like getting rid of every vehicle from Earth for 11 years. Additionally, homeowners can expect their utility bills to drop when they have a white roof. Light colors, such as white, bounce both heat and light back into space rather than into the attic of the house.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

These useful devices enable you to set temperature controls for energy efficiency and maximum comfort. You can keep your utility costs low by maintaining temperatures higher when no one is at home.

Practice Smart Landscaping

Use your green thumb to strategically plant leafy trees and shrubs near the windows of your house. This is a great way to stop those same windows from shifting excess heat into your home.

Upgrade Your Windows

Windows that are energy efficient can make all the difference. If replacement is not in your budget or your windows are too new, you can reduce solar heat gain by installing low E film.

Clean the Coils of Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators, when they’re not operating at an adequate level, can cause high energy usage. If you want to enjoy the best performance for your appliance, clean up the unit’s condensing coils.

Install Ceiling Fans

These fans pull warm air up against the ceiling and push it down against the walls. It simulates a chilled breeze inside your house. If you want this wind-chill effect to work, make sure your ceiling fans are turning in a counter-clockwise rotation.

Update the Insulation of Your Home

Pay attention to your attic and the levels between the unconditioned and conditioned spaces of your house. You can add extra insulation in this part of your house to stop cold air from escaping.

Following these steps will help keep your house cool during summertime and avoid incurring high energy costs. When it comes to insulating your house, A+ insulation is ready to help you in this area. We add insulation to maintain the desired temperature in all parts of your home. The insulation we install holds in heat during the winter and prevents cold air generated by the AC from escaping during the summer. Rest assured we’ll arrive on schedule and work efficiently and diligently to complete your insulation project to your satisfaction.

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