Retrofitting Insulation Isn’t as Messy as You’d Think

retrofitting not as messy as youd think a+ insulation kcHeat rises. It’s a simple fact of nature that makes it essential to have quality attic insulation in your home. The Kansas City area standard is to insulate your attic to R-49, or about 18.5 inches deep. Take a look at yours. Do you have any at all? If so, does it completely cover the floor joists and reach all the way to the eaves on all sides? If not, you know you need more, but you’re terrified at the thought of such a mess. Here at A+ Insulation, we want to set your mind at ease! With decades of industry experience, our team of expert technicians will treat your home like our own homes and create very little mess.

Types of Attic Insulation

  • Batt or Roll – Also known as blanket insulation, batt is spun fiberglass attached to a facing, usually made of kraft paper, aluminum foil or vinyl sheeting. These facing materials both act as a vapor barrier and facilitate in the ease of installation as they generally come in easy-to-handle rolls that fasten to joists by this facing material.
  • Loose-fill – Made from fiberglass as well, loose-fill is also known as blown-in insulation. We offer both Insulsafe SP and Cellulose for attics. Insulsafe has great thermal efficiency, coverage and sound absorption. It is also non-combustible. Cellulose acts similarly to a liquid when applied, wrapping itself around obstructions and filling gaps more easily than batt insulation. Acting as a blanket around the inside of your home, cellulose has excellent thermal efficiency as well.

These All Sound Messy!

… And they are in the hands of the careless and inexperienced! Our technicians have been at this so long that they truly have it down to a science. Adding insulation to your attic, being an enclosed and isolated space, actually makes it easier for our technicians to keep your home neat and tidy. No insulation is ever unpacked outside the confines of the attic. Dusty and dirty tools and equipment can stay up there as well.

Itchy Business

Trust us when we say we know all about the itch associated with fiberglass dust. The last thing we want to do is leave any trace of it in your home. We begin our precautions with a runner carpet made of plastic, leading from outside to the most direct way to your attic. We will never set foot on anything but this plastic. Upon quick and efficient completion of your job, we remove our personal protection equipment outdoors where it cannot spread any dust throughout your home. We then carefully remove the plastic runner and vacuum ourselves out the door. Our goal is to leave your home even neater than we found it, as your complete satisfaction is paramount. We want you to be thrilled with your new investment and will always go above and beyond to make it so.

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