Stop Paying Too Much to Heat Your Home This Winter

The cool winter chill is here, and that means you will have to crank up your thermostat to keep your home warm. We all know that this means that the higher energy bills are starting to roll in. But don’t worry; at A+ Insulation, we can help you pay less for more heat this winter. Here’s what you need to do.

3 Ways to Pay Less for More Heat this Winter

1. Seal the Gaps

An overworked air conditioner can cause your energy bills to skyrocket because your home could have gaps in the attic, basement, or exterior walls.

When the temperature drops, hot air can escape through gaps, cracks, or any opening that is not sealed. When that cold air comes in, and the temperature goes down, you are forced to crank up the heat.

Make your house comfortable during the winter season by sealing any exposed gaps. Caulk or weather strip gaps and cracks around windows and doors to keep the cold air out. Your energy bills will drop by up to 20 percent once you take care of those gaps.

2. Get a Smart Thermostat

The average home spends over $2,000 every year on energy bills. Almost half of this amount comes from heating and cooling. You can resolve this by using a smart thermostat.
A programmable thermostat can help you manage the temperature in your home. This gadget allows you to set a schedule for the furnace. By controlling the temperature of your home from anywhere, you won’t waste energy by blasting the heat when no one is around.

The device optimizes your energy use to deliver savings without sacrificing comfort. You just have to program it depending on your family’s schedule.

You can expect significant savings when you stick to the settings or adjust them based on your family’s needs. By doing so, you can save at least $180 every year.

3. Go For Fiberglass Insulation


Without enough protection, the winter chill can seep through electrical outlets, around windows, and under doors. But fiberglass insulation can help keep the cold at bay when temperatures start to threaten your comfort.

This insulation has many features that can protect your home against extreme weather conditions. Add it to your walls and your attic floor, where most of the hot air escapes. You can save up to 30 percent on heating and cooling costs with fiberglass.

You can also go for the blow-in-blanket system (BIBS), which not only blows in and fills easily, but also lasts for a long time. Here are the benefits of BIBS insulation:BIBS-insulation

  • Safety: It’s fire resistant.
  • No settling: It won’t settle or corrode over time.
  • Better coverage: This insulation can fit in tiny crevices, like wall cracks sized to only a couple of inches.
  • Noise reduction: It can absorb outside noise.
  • Moisture-resistant: It can resist the growth of mildew or mold.
  • Insect- and rodent-resistant: Rodents or any kind of insect won’t use it to make a nest.

Of course, the thermal performance of any insulation system depends on the installation. We have insulation technicians who have the training and certification to ensure your family experiences comfort throughout the year.

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