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Prepping the Upstairs: Ensuring a Winter-Ready Attic

A lot of preparations need to be done in anticipation of the winter months, including decorating homes, checking heating and cooling systems, and fortifying doors and windows. With the to-do list growing longer as the festivities draw near, homeowners might overlook preparations for one area of the house: the attic.

The little space upstairs that stores unused items and keeps ventilation in check plays a big role during the cold weather. It would be unwise to skip the winterizing measures for it. The problems in the attic could spoil the family’s holidays, after all.

Install or Inspect Existing Insulation

The attic plays a key role in maintaining a cozy home temperature. Without an adequate insulation installation, warm air inside the home will rise and escape through the roof. This will force the heating system to work harder and the energy bill to spike. If your attic is not insulated, now is the best time to call an expert in blown insulation in Kansas City.

It pays to have an expert check an already-insulated attic, too. Fluctuating temperatures, high-energy bills, and ice dams may indicate that the house is under-insulated.

Check for Pest Infestations

Some people might not visit their attic frequently, and, as a result, might not notice that pests have infested part of their living space and are damaging the attic. Rodents, for instance, could gnaw through containers and insulation material.

Pests could also put the family’s health at risk. Homeowners should look for signs of an infestation, like dead animals, fur or feathers, droppings, plant materials, nests, strange odors, and holes in the structure. Whether you can confirm the presence of pests or not, call a professional for help.

Plug the Holes

In relation to preventing pests, homeowners should make sure that critters have no more entryways by sealing off the holes. Other than barring pests from the attic, plugging cracks and crevices prevent warm air from escaping. Moreover, people should ensure that the attic door is tightly sealed to keep the warm air contained in the main living area.

For a stress-free holiday, trust us to keep your home warm and cozy. Get in touch with us today and learn about our extensive list of insulating services.