Think You Need New Windows? Insulate Instead & Save

Kansas City MO Insulation CompanyHere in Kansas City we get all extremes of weather. Unfortunately, the vast changes in temperature result in climbing energy bills. Escape rising energy costs by investing in proper insulation for your home.

Most homes are not well insulated (the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) estimates roughly 90 percent of existing U.S. homes are under-insulated) . What does this mean for homeowners? Homeowners spend needless amounts of money in heating costs and their family suffers the discomfort of a drafty home. A properly insulated home is cozy and will cost less to heat. According to Houselogic, you can save up to $600 a year by improving your attic insulation from an R-11 to an R-49.

How Much Heat Are Your Windows Losing?

Windows can account for anywhere from 10- 25% of a home’s heat loss. A poorly insulated window will allow warm air to escape through any gaps along the window frame. This starts a chain reaction of heat loss in a room. Warm air will continually be pulled towards the leaking windows and the result is a chilly room. Oftentimes homeowners make the mistake of replacing windows instead of insulating them. This is a costly choice. Your windows can become energy efficient by simply investing in proper insulation and weatherization.

How Much Warm Air Does Insulation Keep In?

Poor insulation allows warm air to leak out through the attic and roof. These two areas are notorious for heat loss. Roughly 25% of a home’s heat seeps out through the attic and roof. That’s why we always recommend that it’s the first place you start when insulating your home! A quality attic insulation installer will know to make sure to seal areas such as vents, around light fixtures, and other energy drains.   Remember, any gap in insulation will allow heat to escape.

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