Turn Your Attic Into A Playroom

Man renovating attic

Instead of using your attic as a stockroom where you dump old and unusable things, why not transform it to become your children’s next playroom?

Most of the time, it’s annoying to clean bedrooms littered with toys, and having your children play in the living room or in the kitchen can be harmful to them. You wouldn’t want your children to hit you with a plastic sword while cooking, would you?

Attics can be transformed into one of the best playrooms in the house. They are spacious so your children can do a lot of fun activities in them. Changing your attic into a playroom gives a set place where the children will be. You won’t have to worry about children playing in unsafe areas or just wondering where they are. A bonus is that toys will not litter around the house and will be kept away from sight whenever there are guests present.

In order for your children to have that best attic-turned-playroom experience, follow these steps.

Ensure your children’s safety

The first thing to consider when transforming your attic to a playroom is how the children will access it safely. Most attics use ladders for access, which is very risky for young children. You may choose to replace the ladder with a staircase if you have enough space or you can construct a staircase from inside a bedroom.

Maximise your attic’s space

Utilize all that empty space by creating different play zones. Put a table, a chair and a chalkboard in one area, and a body pillow and a makeshift tent in another.

Install a bookshelf against the wall, or a closet where your children can put their toys after playing.

Make the design fun and exciting

Paint the walls with fun and bright colors. Paint the ceiling with lighter shades that create the illusion of more space. If you choose to install wallpaper, choose those with bold prints.

Do not over-decorate though. Remember that this is a playroom and children can play wildly. Keep the area as open as possible to have room for playing.

For functionality, choose a thick carpet to minimize the noise level that will be transmitted to the lower levels of the house.

Make sure the attic is properly insulated

Attics can become very hot in summers and very cold in winters. Make sure the attic is properly insulated during these times so that your children will remain comfortable while playing. Consult a professional if you feel that the attic is too cold or warm for it to turned into a playroom.

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