Why Blow-in-Blanket is an Efficient Insulation Alternative?

Batts and blankets are the most popular types of insulation. They are ideal for do-it-yourself projects because they are easy to transport and carry. But this insulation has limitations, like losing effectiveness as it compresses easily. That’s why using blow-in-blanket system (BIBS) for your Kansas City home can be an ideal option.

Blow-in-Blanket Insulation: An Efficient Alternative for Your Home

Switching to BIBS can boost your home’s R-value. R-value refers to how well the material resists the flow of heat, measuring thermal resistance by unit; the higher the R-value, the more effective the insulating material.

Outstanding Thermal Performanceblow-in-blanket-insulation

When it comes to insulating your home, BIBS provides several benefits. You can use this type of insulation to different parts of your home, including walls and attic. This system is also easy to apply and fills the spaces completely to give your home superior thermal performance. You don’t need to worry about the heat escaping your home because blow-in insulation can fit in small gaps, too.

Unlike foam spray, installing BIBS is less messy. The installation can take up an hour or two. It’s also fire resistant to keep your home safe. Additionally, this system won’t encourage mold and mildew buildup. It also doesn’t attract insects and rodents.

Using blow-in insulation in your home is a rewarding investment because it can last throughout the lifespan of your home. You don’t need to spend more cash on repairs and higher energy bill caused by the heat that escapes your home.

How Much Does an Average Blow-in-Blanket Insulation Cost?

The insulation cost varies depending on the size of the area you’re insulating and the material you’re using. If you’re insulating the attic of a 1,200 square foot home, the average price for a blow-in insulation job is $1,850, excluding the cost of removing any old insulation.

Adequate insulation can help you save money. You can save an average of 10 to 50 percent on utility bills based on the efficiency of your insulation and the R-value of your insulation.
You should determine the right R-value for your home to help you find the right insulation. The recommended R-value rating can differ based on your climate, the part of the house you’re planning to insulate, and the type of heating system you use.

Determining if It Fits Your Home

Knowing the recommended R-value rating for your home can help you determine if BIBS the right choice. Blow-in insulation usually has R-values of R-2.2 to R-3.8, depending on the type loose fit insulation you’re planning to use.

You may also do an energy audit to identify the areas you need to prioritize in improving efficiency. Hire a professional for an accurate assessment and installation of blow-in insulation.

At A+ insulation, we can help insulate your home using BIBS. Our team of Blow-In-Blanket Contractors Association (BIBCA) certified professionals can install environmentally friendly, custom fit blow-in-blanket insulation to your home using specially manufactured fiberglass. This material has no chemical smell and never corrodes pipes and never settles.
Insulation is effective only when installed properly. At A+ Insulation, we have the training and experience to install any type of insulation correctly.

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