Will Insulating Your Attic Make Your Home Cooler This Summer?

contractor installing insulation in atticElectricity bills tend to increase in summer. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) explains the higher demand for electricity during the hot season inflates electricity rates. More generation sources have to be added to meet the demand.

It’s crucial to keep your home cool as much as possible during summer. Otherwise, you’re likely to use your cooling system more than usual. In winter, proper insulation helps your home to stay warm. But would it also contribute to keeping your home cool this summer?

A Good Investment

Insulating the attic of your home in Kansas City can help you save money on energy bills. It prevents heat from coming in through your attic during summer. It will also won’t force your air conditioning unit to work harder, reducing your energy consumption.

But why focus on your attic? For starters, it’s the easiest place to install insulation.

Attic insulation also provides a barrier that decreases the amount of air that enters and escapes your property. Although the cost may seem a bit steep at first, what you get in return will be well worth what you spend. You may save between 10 and 50 percent on heating and cooling bills. And the estimated return on investment (ROI) of an insulated attic is 107.7 percent if you decide to resell your home.

Choosing the Right Insulation

The benefits of attic insulation vary, depending on the material used. It’s crucial to identify first the recommended R-values (the capability of the insulating material to resist conductive heat flow) in your area before choosing the insulating material.

Different insulating materials are available in the market. Each of them provides different levels of insulation, depending on where you install them. You should also consider the indoor air quality impact of the material.

Here the two common materials ideal for attic insulation:

  • Spray foam – this is all-in-one insulation and air sealing system, which doesn’t settle or sag when applied.
  • Batted insulation – this is an effective and affordable insulation alternative for attics. This material, however, is ideal for areas without too many wires, pipes, or obstruction to eliminate the need for cutting the material.

Some insulation materials are easy to apply. But it doesn’t mean you have to install the insulation on your own. Although it’s acceptable, you might compromise the performance and efficiency of the material, especially if not properly installed.

Install Your Insulation Professionally

Hiring a professional is an ideal way to insulate your attic, especially if the space has tricky access, signs of moisture problems, and leaks. Professionals have the correct equipment and skills to install an insulation material without compromising its performance and your health. Some materials contain chemicals that can affect your health when not handled properly.

A+ Insulation can help you insulate your attic to keep your home cool throughout the summer. We offer a variety of insulation materials, including loose-fill and batt insulations. Our previous customers have lowered their energy bill by 30 percent after updating their attic insulation.

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