4 Ways to Know Your Home Is Under Insulated

icicles under insulationInsulation plays a huge role in how comfortable your home is during all four seasons of the year. Not having enough of it can leave your family too hot or too cold, and it can drastically affect the cost of your energy bills. And 90% of homes in the United States fall under one or all of those categories.  Here are a few ways to tell if your Kansas City area home is under insulated.

High Energy Bills

High energy bills can be attributed to many things. But if you’ve already had your heating and cooling system checked for efficiency and your windows are in good shape, insulation is probably your issue. In this case your heating and cooling system has to work harder during all seasons because a home that isn’t properly insulated allows heat in the summer and cold air in the winter into your home.

Your Pipes Freeze in the Winter

Do you have to deal with frozen pipes in the winter? This could be a telltale sign that you need more insulation in your home. If you wait too long to get the issue fixed you could have a real mess on your hands that will cost you a lot more money than having insulation installed. If your frozen pipes burst you could be looking at a gutted home.

Your Home Experiences Ice Damming

Another problem poor home insulation can cause in the winter is ice damming. This happens when your warm roof melts the snow on top of it. The melted snow then runs down your roof until it hits the unheated part past the exterior walls near your gutter, where it re-freezes creating an ice dam. This can damage not only your roof, but your gutters as well. And it can pose a danger to people or objects below your roof. Proper roof insulation is very important to safeguard your home from this winter issue.

Upstairs Rooms Are Significantly Warmer in the Summer

Another sign you need more insulation is if your home experiences more heat and humidity on the upper floors in the summer. Temperature variances of 10-15 degrees or more between your lower and upper floors is a sign you should call an insulation company to talk about their insulation services. Inconsistent temperatures can affect how hard your heating and cooling system has to work, which can also cost you more money on your energy bills.


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