Save Now with A+ Insulation: How to Calculate Your Home’s Energy Savings

insulation calculatorDoes your home experience hot and cool spots throughout the year? Does your home seem drafty? Have you noticed unusually high energy bills in recent months? These things could be signaling that your home is in need of more insulation. If you’re not sold just yet though, there are ways to calculate how much you could save with proper insulation installed by professionals on the A+ Insulation website.

Insulation Calculator

We don’t want our customers to feel like they’re being lied to or gypped. So in an effort to be more transparent, we’ve added an insulation calculator on our website that is almost stupidly easy to use. All you have to do is plug in the proper information for you home, like the geographical area where you live and the square footage of your home. It walks you through the process and then gives you recommendations on the amount of insulation needed to keep your home more energy efficient.

Interactive Energy House

Another energy saving resource we have on our website that makes it easier for you to make energy-smart choices is the Interactive Energy House from Energy Star. This neat little house lets you click through different parts of the home that correspond with most American homes, and then gives you energy saving tips for different areas of each room. It covers everything from insulation needs in the attic and walls, to your heating and cooling system in your basement. This is a great way to find out how to start making your home more energy efficient today and in the future.

Visit the A+ Insulation website today to take advantage of these awesome resources that can help you make a more informed decision. Then, call the insulation pros when you’re ready to talk about your home’s specific needs. You can reach us at either (913)281-2250 or (816)410-4100.