How Better Attic Insulation Improves Indoor Air Quality

You’re exploring solutions related to improving your indoor air quality. As insulation installers, we answer a lot of homeowners’ questions regarding what causes poor indoor air quality and how better home and attic insulation can improve it. So, let’s dig into the details.

Why It’s Smart to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists several health effects connected with bad indoor air quality:

  • Eyes, nose and throat irritation
  • Headaches, fatigue and dizziness
  • Respiratory diseases, heart disease and even cancer

Yet, we humans spend upwards of 90 percent of our time indoors, where some pollutant concentrations are up to five times higher than the outdoors. If you already have health issues, then poor indoor air quality can exacerbate them. If you don’t, air quality can be the beginning of them.

According to the EPA, the indoor air pollutants are:

  • Combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, particulate matter and environmental tobacco smoke
  • Substances of natural origin such as radon, pet dander and mold
  • Biological agents, such as molds
  • Pesticides, lead and asbestos
  • Ozone (from some air cleaners)
  • Various volatile organic compounds from a variety of products and materials

Insulation Installers Urge You to Look Beyond the HVAC System to Your Attic Insulation for a Solution

It’s logical to look at the HVAC system as the solution for improving your indoor air quality. After all, it’s the system sending warm or cool air throughout your home. It has an air filter designed to trap contaminants. But, when it comes to improving indoor air quality, it’s just the first line of defense, not the only.

While many homeowners update their home and attic insulation for the increased physical comfort and heating and cooling cost savings, insulation plays a big role in helping improve indoor air quality as well.

First of all, insulation’s purpose is to “seal” your home, keeping outdoor pollutants from entering in the first place. But, there’s far more to it than that.

Not All Attic Insulation Equally Protects or Improves Indoor Air Quality

The age and quality of your home and attic insulation matter. The older and more degraded your insulation, the less it can protect you from indoor air contaminants. Here’s why:

  • Aged and degraded insulation cannot keep pollutants from entering your home. And, in many cases, it wasn’t installed adequately or properly, especially compared to today’s superior insulation options.
  • Degraded insulation can result in fiberglass dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) dropping through vents and can lights, affecting air quality.
  • Rodents, other vermin, water leaks and such erode insulation protection, and can send animal droppings, allergens and mold spores throughout the air.

If Not Well Trained and Certified, Your Insulation Installer Can Create More Indoor Air Quality Problems

Unsealed air leaks are opportunities for pollutants, mold and allergens to enter your home and circulate amongst the air you breathe. Sealing and ventilating your attic to prevent those irritants from entering your home can improve your indoor air quality. However, a home that is TOO air tight can create more problems by not allowing fresh outdoor air to circulate in your home, helping dissipate pollutants.

Spray foam insulation and fiberglass insulation are perfectly safe and effective unless installed incorrectly. You must have trust in your insulation installer to evaluate your home, pinpoint any problems with your current insulation, recommend the kind of insulation that will best meet your specific requirements, and correctly and properly install it.

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One of the many qualities that sets A+ Insulation apart from other Kansas City area insulation installers is that our crews are well trained and certified. Our insulation installers seal the attic space entirely, using can foam around lights, stack and vents to seal cracks, then blow insulation over that for better indoor air quality, efficiency and comfort. Yet, leaving “space to breathe.”

Let our licensed and knowledgeable insulation contractors evaluate your Kansas City home’s insulation needs. Call us at (913) 281-2250 or visit to schedule a free, no obligation evaluation.

Installing Attic Insulation in Kansas City Homes and Businesses

Make sure your home is covered for consistent comfort by getting our attic insulation services in Kansas City.

We understand that many homes in our area are not equipped with attic insulation. This is unfortunate because heat rises and travels up through your ceiling and out any leaks or gaps in your attic. So it’s the best room in your home for exploring energy savings.

On average, our customers lowered their home energy bills by 30% last year just by upgrading their attic insulation. The attic is the easiest place to add insulation to improve your comfort and the energy efficiency of your home and it’s not expensive.

Let A+ Insulation add insulation to your attic and save you money.

Does Your Attic Have Enough Insulation?

Just how much insulation you need depends on where you are located. The nice thing about attic insulation is that it’s easy to tell if you have enough. The recommended level for attic insulation in Kansas City, Overland Park, and the entire KC metro is to be properly insulated to a minimum of R-49. That comes out to about 18.5 inches deep, depending on the insulation product.

Learn more about R-Values here.

Check to see that the insulation is evenly distributed and there are no low spots. Make sure the insulation goes all the way to the eaves.

Inspect your insulation levels. Any insulation at or below the attic floor joists is a telltale sign that you need to replace your attic insulation.

Why Leave the Job Up to a Contractor?

Attic insulation is a big job, especially if you’ve got a big space or too small a space that accessibility becomes a problem. Aside from the scale of this home improvement project, your attic may have certain conditions that call for professional attic insulation in Kansas City.  These include:

  • A leaky roof
  • Rotted attic rafters
  • Minimal to no attic ventilation
  • Old wiring creating a fire hazard

Our experienced insulation professionals will carry out diligent, efficient work. We make sure the job is done on time, on budget, and up to building code so your family can enjoy consistent temperatures at home.

With over 15 years of outstanding attic insulation services, A+ Installation can save you money and keep you in comfort. By using our attic insulation installation last year our customers saved up to 30% on their energy bills. Our dedicated service is committed to ensuring our customer’s attic insulation cost savings by preventing heat from escaping from any leaks or gaps in your home.

Hiring an attic insulation contractor will ensure that even tricky areas of your attic will be well insulated.

Where Are The Attic Insulation Installers Near Me?

We understand how important it is to make your house energy efficient to reduce heating and cooling costs in Kansas City. We advise ensuring attic insulation cost savings by checking for even insulation in your attic, with no low spots or gaps present. As attic insulation contractors, we advise a minimum of 18.5 inches of installation depending on the insulation product.

Why worry about installing attic insulation yourself when you can call our team of friendly experts and let us take the stress out of the experience? Avoid searching for more attic insulation installers in the KC Metro and we’ll be able to provide you with the insulation advice you need.

Call A+ Installation For Expert Advice On Safety In Your Home

Enlisting professional services for attic insulation installation is essential as we identify leaky roofs, rotted attic rafters, poor ventilation and fire hazards like old wiring. Our expert attic insulation contractors will offer you tailored feedback on how to keep you and your family safe by identifying these hazards for you. We want to take the stress out of your attic insulation Kansas City concerns.

Our Unparalleled Services Ensure Attic Insulation Energy Cost Savings in Kansas City

Our professional attic insulation contractors install two types of insulation to ensure your attic insulation cost savings. Batt insulation or blanket insulation is made of fiberglass and attached to a vapor-barrier facing material. This extremely affordable insulation is best for areas without extensive pipes and wires to avoid cutting.

We Install Loose-Fill and Batt Insulation in Attics

Loose-fill insulation is also known as blown-in insulation and is installed using a blowing machine. This is also made of fiberglass.

We offer the following loose-fill services in Kansas City:

  • InsulSafe SP – used in attics, floors and walls, this fiberglass blown-in insulation ensures thermal efficiency, great coverage, fire safety, sound absorption, and little settling. Perfect for attic insulation cost savings.
  • Cellulose Insulation – more flexible than batt insulation, this blown-in insulation acts as a liquid and moves around obstructions to fill any gaps and provide high energy efficiency.
  • Spray Foam Insulation – expanding up to 100 times its initial size, this insulation fills every space and doesn’t settle or sag. We offer spray foam attic insulation installation for commercial and residential property across Kansas City.

Look no further when searching for attic insulation installers in Kansas City! Let our friendly and expert team of attic insulation contractors carry out a no-obligation energy evaluation in Kansas City.

Call us at (913) 281-2250 today to get started, or download our Free Comparison of Window Replacement vs. Insulation below.

We Offer a Variety of Solutions For Attic Insulation:

Insulsafe SP Insulation

attic insulation overland park

InsulSafe SP is a fiberglass blown-in insulation used in both attics and walls. Besides thermal efficiency, it has many other benefits including great coverage, sound absorption, very little settling, and is also noncombustible. It is designed for pneumatic installation in open (attic) and closed (sidewalls/floor) construction cavities. It can be used in both new construction and in existing structures.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose blown-in insulation kansas city

Cellulose insulation is another blown-in type of insulation. It acts similar to a liquid when it is applied, wrapping itself around obstructions and filling nooks and crannies that batt insulation can’t. It creates a virtual blanket around the inside of your home providing superior thermal efficiency.

Spray Foam Insulation

CertaSpray closed cell foam insulation kansas city

CertaSpray closed-cell foam insulation is a spray foam insulation that expands up to 100 times its original size to fill every little space. It is an all-in-one insulation and air sealing system. Once applied, it doesn’t settle or sag. A+ Insulation offers spray foam insulation for commercial and residential properties throughout the Kansas City area.

Batted Insulation

batted insulation for attics and walls kansas city

Batt insulation is one of the most affordable types of insulation for attics and walls. It is effective and affordable, but it is better for areas without a lot of pipes, wires, or other obstructions. These obstructions in the wall require cutting the insulation to fit around them.

This can cause gaps in the insulation which negatively affect its ability to insulate the surface from the air. We are licensed and insured and prepared to take on any insulation job in Kansas City.

Have one of our energy consultants come to your home to perform a free no-obligation energy evaluation. Call us at (913) 281-2250 and you can also download our Free Comparison of Window Replacement vs. Insulation be clicking the image below.

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