Choosing Between Fiberglass and Cellulose Spray Insulation

A significant amount of energy can be lost through poorly insulated walls, floors and roofs. This can eat away at resources and be downright uncomfortable, especially in extreme temperatures, which Kansas City experiences throughout the year.

Increasing a home’s insulation and reducing air leaks is one of the best ways to reduce energy waste. From a bottom-line standpoint, improvements typically deliver 10-20% energy savings, although for older homes with little to no insulation, those figures can be much higher.

Whether you’re updating an aging house or completing new construction, spray-in insulation offers distinct benefits for virtually every homeowner.

A Few Reasons Why Spray-In Insulation is a Good Idea
There are different types of spray-in insulation, also referred to as blown-in or loose-fill insulation. As Kansas City’s insulation experts, A+ Insulation offers both InsulSafe SP fiberglass and cellulose insulation. We’ll explore the unique characteristics of each, including their differences and which is best for most Kansas City homeowners. But first, here are a few shared benefits…

Superior Coverage and High Efficiency
Spray-in insulation provides fantastic coverage as it’s able to fill in tough-to-reach nooks and crannies to prevent air leaks that would otherwise be difficult to resolve. Essentially, it morphs to your space, providing a tighter, blanket-like seal.

Sound Absorption
Because it’s so good at filling voids of every size, spray-in insulation is particularly effective when it comes to noise reduction. Spray-in materials provide an airtight seal to muffle and even eliminate outside disturbances.

Fire Protection
Homes with spray-in insulation are more fire resistant, again thanks to the material’s airtight seal, eliminating airflow and thus the ability to fan flames. Additionally, whether through its natural properties or added materials, spray-in insulation itself is typically fire retardant.

Less Condensation
Often, damaging mold is a result of condensation entering small, hard-to-reach air leaks. Because spray-in insulation is so effective at filling all spaces, condensation is less likely to occur.

So, How Do I Choose the Spray-In Insultation That’s Right for My Home?
Now that we’ve reviewed some of the universal benefits of spray-in insulation, we can address the specific product types to determine which is best for your home: fiberglass or cellulose?

Cellulose Spray-In Insulation
Cellulose spray-in insulation acts almost like a liquid when applied, conforming to any shape and filling voids that batt insulation simply can’t. Creating a virtual blanket around your home, it provides high thermal efficiency, soundproofing and fire protection. In addition to these benefits, there are a couple of things homeowners will want to keep in mind.

Cellulose spray-in insulation boasts a higher R-value — or thermal resistance — than fiberglass. This means it takes less material to deliver the same temperature-control benefits… at least at first. Over time though, cellulose spray-in insulation’s R-value diminishes as it breaks down and settles. This results in inconsistencies, rending the material less efficient. As such, homeowners should expect to replace cellulose insulation every five to 10 years.

InsulSafe SP Fiberglass Spray-In Insulation
Used in attics, floors and walls, fiberglass spray-in insulation delivers all the benefits listed earlier — thermal efficiency, great coverage, fire safety, sound absorption — and then some. Fiberglass’ specific properties offer a few notable health and safety benefits all its own.

Whereas cellulose spray-in insulation is made from recycled paper products, then treated with fire-retardant chemicals including borate, fiberglass spray-in insulation materials — molten glass spun or blown into fibers — are naturally non-combustible. Thus, no chemical treatment is necessary for fire protection.

This, coupled with fiberglass’ ability to maintain its form for decades, makes it an especially eco-friendly choice. Homeowners who install other products run the risk of more frequent breakdown of materials, some of which contain harmful elements. As these materials disintegrate, contaminants can be released into the air and enter living spaces, posing certain health risks. With fiberglass, this simply isn’t a concern.

What’s more, with its proven integrity and ability to maintain its original form rather than settle, when fiberglass is properly installed, long-term performance is all but guaranteed. In fact, when installed by the A+ Insulation team, InsulSafe SP fiberglass spray-in insulation comes with a lifetime warranty, making it one of the wisest investments you’ll ever make in your home.

What’s more, of all the types of insulation, fiberglass comes in at one of the lowest price points. When combined with its energy savings, fiberglass insulation holds the distinct title of being the only home-improvement project with an average national return of more than 100 percent.

Fiberglass Spray-In Insulation for the Win
Although cellulose spray-in insulation has its advantages, especially early in its performance life, fiberglass spray-in insulation beats it in most every category. For homeowners looking for the best return and long-term reliability, fiberglass insulation is a choice they won’t regret.

When and How to Install New Insulation
Different types of insulation have different lifespans, which can fluctuate if damaged or improperly installed. If you’re unsure of whether your insulation is performing to the best of its ability, A+ Insulation experts can perform an inspection and provide an estimate if improvements are recommended.

Although it can be tempting to try your hand at DIY installation, we wouldn’t recommend it. One of the most common problems with insulation is poor installation. Our insulation specialists are knowledgeable about the unique techniques and considerations in regard to vapor retardants, air infiltration, ventilation and other critical factors. If not properly addressed, even the best product will fail sooner rather than later. As a result, DIY projects gone wrong almost always incur greater costs than proper installation from the start.

This is especially true when homeowners entrust their spray-in fiberglass insulation installation to the A+ Insulation team. With a lifetime warranty, you’ll have remarkable peace of mind thanks to fantastic energy efficiency and cost savings, indefinitely.

Start Reaping Rewards Today
A properly insulated home is a happy home. From improved comfort and safety to cost-savings and return on your investment, properly installed spray-in fiberglass insulation delivers lasting benefits. And when you trust A+ Insulation to install it in your home, you’ll enjoy a lifetime warranty.

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