Why Getting a New Roof Requires Calling an Insulation Contractor

So, you’ve decided it is time for a new roof. Although costly, once the project is complete, homeowners enjoy unmatched peace of mind and performance — so long as the project is done right.

It is not uncommon for people to overlook insulation during a roof replacement. Many simply forget about it. Others don’t want to add additional costs to the project. Like most major home expenses, though, it’s important to think long-term when tackling a roof replacement. While the cost to address insulation at the same time as a roof replacement may be tough to swallow upfront, over the years, it will pay off tenfold.

How Does Insulation Make a Difference?
Sure, your roof is a key piece of home infrastructure. But insulation is just as important. It regulates temperature, maintains air quality and keeps out noisy disturbances — or at least it’s supposed to.

In reality, in the U.S., between 65-80% of homes are under-insulated. That means the majority of American homeowners are missing out on key benefits like energy efficiency, lower heating and cooling bills, and cleaner, healthier living spaces.

In fact, studies indicate that heating and cooling accounts for more than 30% of residential energy consumption in the U.S.

Following a roof replacement, those figures can increase and issues can become severe without expert craftsmanship. During construction, nails and other debris often fall below onto attic insulation — sometimes roofers even walk on it — creating a handful of problems including dents and uneven surfaces, all of which diminish insulation’s effectiveness.

Including an insulation contractor as part of your construction team is essential. They will provide expert guidance to ensure maximum performance for the long-haul.

Can’t I Just Use a General Contractor?
Once the roof is off, there’s no better time for homeowners to get a clear view of the state of their insulation. Whether they realize it is time to replace aging materials or repair damaged ones, hiring a contractor with expertise is the way to go. General contractors (GC) or roofers may claim to know what they’re doing, but more often than not, they lack a full understanding since there are so many nuances to proper insulation installation and maintenance.

A licensed, knowledgeable team will be able to manage and execute your project from design through ongoing care and repairs. Below is a list of the common issues that arise following a roof replacement as well as normal wear-and-tear. In each scenario, an insulation contractor will be better equipped to resolve any shortcomings than a GC or roofer would be.

Uneven Surfaces
As we mentioned before, insulation is put to the test during roof construction. It catches debris and when construction is complete, many homeowners are left with uneven or punctured insulation — which can have costly consequences.

Uneven surfaces result in different levels of thermal resistance. In short, this means damaged areas will let in too much heat in warm months and let out too much heat in fall and winter. Either way, homeowners end up paying more on energy bills and are likely to experience discomfort due to extreme indoor temperatures.

Collapsed or Compacted Insulation
In addition to being hit by debris, insulation is subject to increased foot traffic during construction. This can compact or collapse insulation, which also diminishes its effectiveness.

Even if your insulation manages to avoid damage during construction, many of us store knickknacks, furniture, holiday decorations, boxes… you name it in our attics. Over time, this will also compact insulation in certain areas. If the depth isn’t the same across the attic floor, you will run into problems down the line.

Improper Attic Ventilation
Improper or lacking attic ventilation results in an excessively hot attic in the summer and a wet attic in the winter. In many of these instances, insulation is the culprit — and victim. Soffit vents allow air flow into an attic, keeping it cool in the summer and allowing moisture to evaporate.

If not properly installed or replaced after construction of a new roof, insulation can block these vents, resulting in damaging condensation and moisture. In time, these issues will lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can become a health risk.

What Can I Expect Working with an Insulation Contractor?
Although well-intentioned, contractors without insulation expertise will not know how to avoid and fix costly insulation issues. Following roof construction, an insulation contractor can assess any damage and design a solution based on the condition of the material and the specifics of your home.

An insulation contractor can even out surfaces, repair dents and other damage, and ensure proper ventilation and air flow to avoid potential problems in the future. Best of all, when you hire a team like A+ Insulation, you’ll be kept in the loop and know exactly what’s happening and why with your home’s insulation.

One client shared, “What I like about A+ is that I’m educated. When they come to the house and tell me that there’s work that needs to be done, it’s explained to me what it is they’re doing, why it is they’re doing it and what I should expect at the end.”

We know a new roof is a big expense, but to make the most of your investment, it’s so important that the insulation underneath is able to perform. Our certified craftsmen are trained to resolve any issues and can evaluate your energy needs and potential savings. After designing a solution, they will communicate their plan for remediation, so that you feel confident moving forward.

What Benefits Can I Expect from Working with an Insulation Contractor?
Many people underestimate the essential role insulation plays in a well-functioning home. It protects your family’s health and safety as well as your wallet. As much as 30% of your home’s heat can be lost through your roof, which can be a major problem.

As of 2020, more than one in four U.S. households had difficulty paying their energy bills. As a result, many people have no choice but to keep their homes at uncomfortable or even unsafe temperatures. A+ insulation contractors can help you ensure this doesn’t happen to your family.

An energy auditor shared, “The thing I like most about A+ Insulation is that they’re honest, dependable; they know the implications of doing a job the right way the first time…and they always deliver a job the right way.”

Most insulations have a virtual lifetime guarantee if they are installed properly. It is one of the best investments you can make in your property. And even though its primary purpose is temperature control, insulation addresses nearly every issue impacting your family’s comfort and well-being at home.

Relying on expert contractors is the most straightforward path to creating a more energy-efficient, pleasant, safe and durable home.

Realize Maximum Benefits with an Insulation Contractor like A+ Insulation
If you want to realize the full benefits of your roofing and insulation investment, hiring a qualified insulation consultant is key. A+ Insulation helps Kansas City homeowners save money and live more comfortably with smart solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Our expert contractors know how to install and repair all forms of insulation and are familiar with different roof types. From gabled, metal, flat, tapered, and even cathedral ceilings, our team can devise a solution for your space.

If you recently completed a roof replacement or plan to in the future, let our licensed and knowledgeable insulation contractors evaluate your Kansas City home’s insulation needs. Call us at (913) 281-2250 or visit insulatekansascity.com/contact to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate.