Why We Batten Down the (Attic) Hatches!

Insulation for Attic Hatch PicWith the high cost of home heating and cooling, today’s homeowners are more concerned than ever with sealing off energy-wasting gaps and making sure their homes are well insulated. One of the most important areas of a home to insulate is the attic. That’s because, as everybody knows, heat rises, and if the attic is poorly insulated or worse, has no insulation, you can say goodbye to lower heating costs!

Gaps in Insulation Cause Heat Loss

Before you contact an insulation professional, though, it’s essential to do your homework to make sure you understand the difference between a good attic insulation job and a substandard one. Basically, the job of insulation is to keep heat from moving from one area to the next. In the winter, it keeps the heat in your home. In the summer, it keeps heat out. But even the very best insulation can’t prevent heat loss if there are gaps where air can escape and get in or out.

Attic Hatches Are often Forgotten

At A+ Insulation, there’s a reason we batten down the hatches when it comes to installing attic insulation! We not only address every possible escape route, every gap around recessed lights, duct work, or anywhere your attic could possibly leak air, we also make sure to include an area that other insulation companies, all too often, forget about — the attic hatch.

Leaving the hatch unsealed and unprotected leaves a huge gap in the insulation, greatly reducing its benefits! We seal the hatch and make sure there is insulation on top of it when we exit. We do every job right, down to the last detail.

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We Show You How Thorough Our Job Is

When we finish the job, we provide a walk-through inspection so you can see exactly what we did. Plus, we show you before and after photos of the work we’ve completed in attics and crawl spaces since they are so hard to get to. We do a thorough job and we want to make sure you know it so you can have peace of mind and confidence in recommending us to your family, friends and neighbors!

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Contact us online or call us at (913) 281-2250 if you’re considering adding insulation to your home. Your complete satisfaction is our mission!


Make sure you know who you’re hiring before you choose. Download this checklist for homeowners to know the critical questions to ask when hiring an insulation company. Just click on the image below:

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