4 Ways DIY Attic Insulating Can Go Wrong

Attic insulation pictureHeat rises, so it makes sense that in the winter, homes lose the most heat through the attic. Because of this, adding insulation makes a lot of sense.

However, attics can be a bit tricky. Simply adding insulation to your attic won’t keep all the heat inside your home. If you’re going to do it yourself, make sure you read these tips to avoid making these common mistakes.

1.   Not Sealing Leaks

Insulation can only do so much if there are leaks around it that aren’t sealed to keep air from escaping. Attics are notorious for having vent pipes, electrical cables, recessed lighting, and more that create small spaces where air can get by. Sealing around these leak points will go a long way in reducing energy loss.

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2.   Not Sealing the Attic Hatch

The attic entry door, or hatch, is another place that’s often forgotten by homeowners, and surprisingly even professional insulation companies. Making sure the attic hatch has a tight seal will keep air from seeping through it and escaping into the attic. Conversely, in the summer, it will keep hot air from seeping down into your living space.

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3.   Not Insulating the Attic Hatch

Again, the attic hatch, because it is a moving part that must be opened and closed to enter the attic, is sometimes neglected when it comes to insulation. If your attic hatch is left uncovered, it creates a large space where air can get through an otherwise thorough bed of insulation.

4.   Not Allowing for Proper Ventilation

The other tricky thing about attics is that they must have proper ventilation. Without it, homeowners can experience mold and mildew problems as well as ice dams that can form on the eaves in the winter. A ridge vent (vent along the peak of your roof) combined with soffit vents along your eaves keeps your entire roof from getting warm.

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Insulation Makes Up for 70% of Your Home’s Heat Gain & Loss

While houses may have a variety of ways they are heated and cooled, insulation always provides tremendous energy savings. Luckily, insulation installation is one of the least expensive ways to achieve these energy savings. A professional insulation company like A+ Insulation will take care of all of these problems and make sure you save the maximum amount of money on your energy bills. If you need your attic insulation done right, call A+ Insulation at (913) 281-2250 or (816) 268-7511.

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