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Insulating your home in Kansas City is an important investment, especially considering insulation’s ability to make you more comfortable all year long and reduce your utility costs in summer and winter. Yet there are other benefits, too, including:

  • Less wear and tear on your HVAC system
  • Fewer bugs and critters making their way into your home
  • Better soundproofing from outdoor noise
  • Consistent temperatures in different rooms and on different floors
  • Less chance of frozen pipes

Home Insulation Performance Depends on How Well Your Contractor Installs It

Installing insulation in your home takes attention to detail and expertise, so choose a company with highly trained and certified insulation technicians who are active in industry organizations. Since insulation is commonly installed in walls, garages, basements and attics (places you may not be able to see often or at all), it is critical you can trust your insulation contractor to do it right the first time. That means:

  • Choosing the right type of insulation for your home
  • Taking the time to insulate around can lights, stacks, vents and outlets
  • Ensuring a consistent thickness across the insulation
  • Being licensed, bonded and insured

A+ Insulation checks all those boxes. Read a few of our customer testimonials. If you’re getting quotes from Kansas City home insulation contractors, you’ll find this checklist handy to compare their service and qualifications.

How Do I Know if My Kansas City Home is Adequately Insulated?

If your home is more than 10 years old, chances are it is not adequately insulated. However, it’s easy enough to find out for sure exactly what updates might need to be made. Schedule a free energy evaluation with A+ Insulation. One of our home insulation experts will come out and talk to you about the problems you’d like to solve, such as cold floors, hot upstairs rooms, icicles forming off your roof and/or gutters, ridiculously high utility bills and such.

Then, we look at how much insulation your home has now and determine how much and what type of insulation would solve your problems. Our home insulation experts evaluate your attic area to see if there are exposed floor joists, uneven layers and open edges that need to be insulated, as well as basements and garages—common places where warm and cool air are lost.

We measure insulation in R-value. The thicker/better your insulation; the higher the R-value is. Typically, homes in Kansas City need 18.5 inches of insulation to reach a minimum of R-49. However, that number can vary based on the type of insulation (spray or blown) that will work best for your home.

Since building codes are updated over the years, if your home was built over 10 years ago, it probably wouldn’t pass insulation codes today. Also, if you’ve recently had your roof replaced, it’s a good idea to contact an insulation contractor in Kansas City to make sure falling debris didn’t pack down your attic insulation and affect its performance.

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